What To Think About When Designing Your Child's Bedroom

Choosing the perfect bed for a dream bedroom

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At the moment, Erin’s bedroom is very neutral. I started decorating way before she was born and also before we knew that she would be a girl. Her walls are a sort of truffle colour and her furniture is white. I went with white because I knew that it would match any theme we choose later down the line.

Now that Erin FINALLY sleeps on her own, we are faced with moving her from a cot to a cot bed. This has gotten me thinking about how I would like her room to be when she’s a bit older!

When I lived at home I had the small bedroom which could only fit a single bed. It was a pretty boring divan and not somewhere special to sleep. I want Erin to have something she feels totally relaxed in so she rests well. Ollie and Leila have a fantastic range of girl’s beds and I would find it hard to choose between them.

Erin already has a toddler bed but I love this Frooti Midsleeper. It comes with a chest of drawers which can be placed underneath in various places or elsewhere in the room. I really love that you can build a sort of fort underneath. I think this would be a great place to cosy up and read, maybe putting some fairy lights up too.

A midsleeper can only last so long really. As Erin gets older she will probably want something a bit more grown up and more sophisticated. The Fargo Ivory White High Sleeper with Day Bed and Desk would be perfect. The desk underneath would make a lovely place to get homework done while the daybed doubles up as somewhere to sit and read as well as being somewhere for friends to sleep!

Erin has a pretty big bedroom right now seeing as she’s only 18 months old. However, the free space will get smaller and smaller as she gets older. Both of these beds have additional storage or extra features which makes them work better than a regular bed.

What kind of bed would you choose for your child’s bedroom if you had a choice?




12 thoughts on “Choosing the perfect bed for a dream bedroom”

  1. Making the most of the space available is definitely a good idea. When I was a child, I had a rather small room. It had a single bed along one wall, and a desk area along the other. There was barely room to walk between the two, but I got along.

    I like the idea of a high sleeper. 1) They’re awesome as a child. I have great memories of mine, although mine was a standard bunk bed. 2) You can really make use of that extra room beneath. If you can build outward, build up!

  2. Choosing the right bed is such a big decision. For us it always ends up as a balance between personal preference and the need to best utilise the space.

  3. Both of those beds are lovely. BattleKid has a small bedroom on our new place which we’re hoping is temporary for 2-3 years. If we stay out we’ll buy a house and give him a bigger room. Until then he’s stuck in a toddler bed (or for as long as he doesn’t outgrow it). Given a choice I’d probably go with the Fargo High Sleeper as you have the option of friends staying over and desk space too.

  4. Matthew and Anya have some fab bunkbeds with stairs that have little cupboards. Zach is still in his cot but we need to think ahead to when Anya gets her own room and something with a desk would be great as the third bedroom is small

  5. This is such a gorgeous bed for such a cute room! I love cabin bed with space underneath for a desk and toys.

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