How To Pay For Your Holiday Interest Free

We’ve all heard that a ‘last-minute holiday’ deal is always the best deal! However, many package holidays and airlines launched their summer 2020 holiday deals as early as November 2019! Why not beat the rest and book your dream holiday to get first choice on the best hotel and best room? Even better – pay for your holiday with a 0% credit card for no extra cost. 

Why should you book your summer 2020 holiday early?

We all love having something to look forward to.  This is why now’s the perfect opportunity to jump online and get searching for some summer holiday deal inspiration. Booking a holiday in advance can help energise us and get us through these dark, gloomy winter days. By booking your holiday now, whenever you’re feeling gloomy, you can always remind yourself that you have some well-deserved Vitamin D to look forward to. 

By booking early and avoiding the rush, there are lots of perks and benefits that you probably haven’t even thought of! 

Top reasons why you should book your holiday early

Here are our top reasons why you should book your holiday months in advance: 

  • Get first pick of your ideal dates
  • Avoid price hikes on flights and hotels  
  • Book with a 0% APR credit card to spread the cost and enjoy Section 75 protection.

Family with work leave restrictions? – get first pick!

If you’ve got a young family or have school-aged children, now is a great time to book your summer holiday. Not only will you beat the rush on your chosen destination’s hotel and room bookings, but you’ll get first pick of the perfect dates to suit the school holidays.

When it comes to requesting leave in the kids’ summer holidays, there can be lots of ‘to-ing and fro-ing’ as your co-workers may want similar days annual leave. However, when booking a holiday early, you’ll be able to secure your desired dates, ensuring you get THE room in the hotel you’ve been dreaming of. For an added bonus, on some occasions by booking early, you’ll be able to reap early booking discounts which could include; in-flight meals or even free room upgrades!

From a recent ATOL study, 5.2 million people are predicted to book their summer holiday this month, so why not beat the rush and grab yourself your dream holiday?

Book with an 0% APR credit card to spread the cost and enjoy Section 75 protection

You might be feeling a particular push on your pennies at this moment and be thinking that booking a dream holiday is completely off the radar. However, if you book your dream holiday early on a 0% purchase credit card you won’t have to pay a single penny more than the holiday price! 

Not only this but according to ATOL, 7/10 people admit to not seeking financial protection for holidays which could be disastrous if your travel company goes bust. By booking with a credit card, you can avoid disastrous consequences by protecting your money under the Section 75 legislation.  

There are a number of benefits of booking a holiday with a credit card, such as free financial protection, the opportunity to pay off your balance over 24 months (or longer), and in some circumstances credit card perks. If you choose to book your summer 2020 holiday with a 0% purchase credit card, you’ll certainly get more than what you bargained for. Using a comparison website can help you find the best 0% APR credit card deals

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