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What we look forward to the most about trips away

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It’s no secret that as a family, we love holidays and trips away. It’s not just me and John though; Erin is always asking when we’re going on holiday again and where we’re going to. As I never had many holidays or weekends away growing up this is something both John and I are keen to make sure Erin experiences. We might have created a monster actually. I love that she gets so excited about going somewhere new.

Just a few days ago I posted about trying to explore our local area more this year. We already have plans for 2 hotel stays, a holiday to Haven and a woodland lodge at Kelling Heath holiday park. Everywhere we’re staying is in Norfolk and Suffolk and 3 out of the 4 trips give us access to a swimming pool!

Up until Erin turning 3 we have always had free swimming attached to her swimming class membership. We now pay for any adults and this means that John and Erin can no longer go every Sunday. When booking trips away this year I have purposely tried to pick us places that have a swimming pool.

Haven Caister-on-Sea Swimming

When we’re on holiday it’s one of the very few times we all get to go swimming as a family. I think this is what we all look forward to the most.

Erin has just turned 3 and is in need of some new swimwear. Currently she has 2 all in 1 wetsuit kind of suits that she uses for her swimming lessons. I think it’s about time to upgrade her to a proper swimming costume, something she hasn’t really ever worn before. Erin has been toilet trained for a while now so no longer uses swimming nappies. I know she would love to feel a bit more grown up in her swimwear.

Somewhere we have shopped before is Simply Swim because they have such a great range of kids swimwear. I know that I’ll be able to get Erin new swimming costumes from great brands like Splash About, Zoggs and Speedo.

Erin in goggles

Last year Erin won a swimmer of the year award in her swimming class and since then, she was wanted some accessories to help her learn a bit more and so she can be a bit more daring. Simply Swim not only sell swimwear but they also sell swimming aids like goggles, arm bands, diving rings and kickboards. Some of the places we’re staying just have a basic swimming pool so I think getting some fun toys that can help her learn to swim will be really exciting for Erin.

As John and I have very different preferences when it comes to spending time with Erin, sometimes family time is still spent sort of apart. Swimming is the one thing we always do together when we’re away. I can’t wait to get into a pool for the first time this year!

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