Tips for buying furniture online when you don’t drive!

It’s no secret that I buy and sell things on local Facebook selling groups quite often. I’ve written posts in the past about how to make the most of them and I stick to those bits of advice myself. As someone who doesn’t drive though, I find it really difficult to always buy everything I would like to. There have been so many times where I have seen a really nice piece of furniture that I’ve fallen in love with. Buying furniture online is a nightmare though if you’re someone who can’t drive.

We don’t have family close by who would be able to help us out in this situation and we don’t have friends we could call on for this either. If I wanted to buy something that required a car or a van I just wouldn’t be able to.

What I didn’t know until recently was that there are companies, such as Shiply where you can find and hire people to do this kind of thing for you. This certainly makes my life so much easier.

Something I have never liked doing before is calling people on the phone for quotes or to arrange things. I don’t know why. Shiply makes it possible to request a quote online, putting in all of your job details and they then get sent straight to your email instead, where you can accept any if you want to. How easy is that?

One of my biggest worries with having someone I don’t know deliver items for me or even pick them up is knowing whether or not they’ll do a good job. The feedback rating system here makes it possible to know how other customers have found certain transport providers to work.

The best thing about using a service like this is that furniture is not the only thing that can be delivered. Need a car taking somewhere? That can be done. Need a removal company to help you move house? That can be done. Pets can even be transported if that is what you need!

If there’s something I want to buy now, either on Facebook or eBay, I will never say that I can’t have it because I can’t pick it up myself.

Have you used a service like this before? If not, what would you find it helpful for?

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. All opinions are our own.


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