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Family Goals: 6 Months In

At the beginning of the year I set myself both family goals and blog goals. Just recently I posted a 6 month update on how the blog goals were going. Today I’m talking about how we’re doing with the family goals.

House and home

I started the year with a massive list of things to do. Here’s how we’re doing.

Central heating – not done.

New front door – not done.

Fix guttering above the front door – done.

Get blinds put up in Erin’s bedroom and spare bedroom – done.

Shelves in Erin’s bedroom and living room – done in Erin’s room.

Paint the living room – Not done. I do have samples on the wall but I’m not sure yet.

Fix coving in living room – done.

Home office – done! I love my new office. Post to come soon.
family goals

Family days out

Although we’re not doing quite as well as I’d hoped, we have been out and done a fair bit. Not only have we been to London and have more trips planned, we also went to Manchester for Blog On and went for a weekend away in Cambridge!

Sell, sell, sell

I have been doing quite well at selling this this. I’ve sold loads of Erin’s old toys and put the money in a fund for spending money at Centre Parcs.

Donate to charity

I haven’t gotten round to this yet unfortunately. I have a box of things to sort through in the spare room to try and sell/ donate.


I wanted to get a holiday booked this year as we haven’t been on one since 2015 when we went to New York. Instead of booking one holiday though I managed to book 2! We’re going to Centre Parcs in October and to Majorca in April!

London trips

This year I wanted to make sure we went to London more. I have definitely managed that. In April I went alone for a couple of days and we also went as a family that month to go to the Sea Life London Aquarium, Ripley’s, Hard Rock Cafe and Bubba Gump Shrimp. We also went to the Stationery Show in April!

In June I went to London on my own again to see Penn & Teller!

We also have a trip to London planned in September so I can go to the Handmade Fair with my sister. I’d say this goal was reached!

Do you set goals for your family? I’d love to know what you include, if you do!



10 thoughts on “Family Goals: 6 Months In”

  1. i think setting goals is soo important. especially when theres a load of tasks that need doing daily.. having goals help to ground me and help me concentrate on the important stuff!

  2. It’s lovely to have a list to cross things off, better to have lots of smaller steps as well

  3. I think setting goals is important, however, many times we set goals that are difficult to achieve in a short period and that’s why we can easily get sad if we do not achieve them. Set goals or task but not too many! You are doing great! I have just decide to do something that will make me happy everyday 🙂

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