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Can You Still Enjoy Your Garden In Winter? Absolutely!

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With the winter on the way, the idea of getting out in the garden can seem less appealing. All you want to do is sit indoors, put on a nice warm fire, and wear your slippers. 

But it is a shame to let the season go to waste. After all, the garden can still be a great place to be over the winter months. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the best ways to enjoy your garden this winter. Take a look below. 

Set Up Bird Feeders

Winter can be tough on birds. Temperatures are lower and there is less food to eat, putting their survival at risk. Many birds migrate to other places, but the birds that remain can have a high mortality rate. Try setting up some bird feeders containing fat balls to keep them well fed. 

Take Some Photos

You could also use the winter as an opportunity to take some interesting and unusual photos of your garden. During this time of the year, the entire ecosystem tends to slow down and some new buds begin to bloom. Frost, however, tends to make the whole garden appear more beautiful during the colder weather. 

Install A Fire Pit

People don’t usually want to sit outside in the garden. But if you can offer a bit of encouragement with a fire pit, they are more likely to want to do it. 

If you don’t want to install anything permanent, you can use portable fire pits. These come out in the winter and provide a container for the fire while also allowing the heat to radiate out to any surrounding people. 

Do Some Exercise

Just sitting down and having a drink in the garden isn’t usually a good idea during the winter months. It’s just too cold. However, doing some exercise is a great way to keep the blood flowing and your body temperature up. 

The type of exercise that you do is very much up to you. It could be something as simple as having a kickabout or you could have your very own sports day if you have kids. 

Make A Snowman

You can also try making a snowman if you have snow on the ground. The best time to make a snowman is when the snow is fresh and hasn’t yet compacted. Just make sure that you have an old scarf, a carrot for the nose and some pebbles for eyes and buttons. 

Add Some Winter Lighting

The garden tends to get dark early during the winter months, so you might want to consider adding some winter lighting to keep it accessible. You can buy attractive garden lanterns from the store. They look great placed next to snow-covered trees and frost-bitten bushes. They also allow you to light up your garden without requiring guests to go out and personally brave the elements. 

So, which of these ideas are you going to use to enjoy your garden more this winter?

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