Great ways for families to use a garden room

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In recent years, the garden has become a more sociable place than ever and personally, we use ours a lot more than we ever did before. Not only is it a place to play for Erin but somewhere we can see our friends and family and have BBQs or picnics.

We’re really lucky that we have a large garden with lots of space. Lately, we have been thinking about what we could do with the space and what would benefit us in the long run. Something I think we all agree on is that garden rooms are not only popular right now but there are so many different ways you could use one. It got me thinking about, if we got one, what we would use it for.

Play room

Erin loves to play outside, no matter what the weather is like but sometimes it just isn’t practical. We use our garden a lot for messy play, fun Tuff Tray set ups and painting as I don’t like doing them in the house. Using a garden room as a play room would be ideal for Erin as it would mean having somewhere sheltered and dry to do these kinds of activities when the weather isn’t quite as nice. Not only that but it would be a great place to store some of our garden toys without them getting ruined from being outside.

Games room

If you are a family with older children then a play room might not be right for you. Teenagers are likely to want their own private space, somewhere cool to hang out with their friends. A games room could be such a great place for teenagers with things like a games console, couch and maybe a pool table. The best thing about this idea though is that you don’t have to deal with teens being in the house and making both mess and noise.

Home office

At the moment, I use one of our spare bedrooms as a home office but it’s not really ideal as we could be using this room as a proper spare bedroom for my Mum, who is in the tiny bedroom right now. By using a garden room as a home office I would be able to shut myself off from things happening around the house, have somewhere quiet to work and also have somewhere to store all of my equipment.


A gym is something both John and I would really love but our house just doesn’t have the space for it. We struggle to be able to go to a regular gym due to time and also not being able to drive. Using a garden room as a gym would be something that John and I could use on a daily basis and I really like the idea of being able to exercise in the comfort of my own home, or garden in this case.

What would you do with a garden room in you had one?


Great ways for families to use a garden room

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