Keeping Warm And Dry, Whatever The Weather

AD | Gifted product We all know what the British weather is like. Unpredictable. Just the other weekend we had glorious sunshine and warmth for a whole weekend followed by extremely strong winds and the back end of a hurricane only a few days later. We also live not too far from the coast so we often get things worse than those inland. The weather wouldn’t be too much of a problem really but neither me or John drive. When we’re out and about with Erin, we really are exposed to the elements and we

A Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious t-shirt from Sgt. Smith

AD | Post contains gifted items It’s no secret that I love getting Erin nice clothes. She has, and will always have, a better wardrobe than I do and if I can, I like to get rarecustom clothes and t-shirts for her. After getting Erin’s 1st birthday t-shirt from Sgt. Smith I wanted more. When I saw the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious t-shirt I knew we had to have it! Something I really love about this t-shirt are the colours. Now, I don’t normally put Erin in anything too pink but the raspberry and vanilla stripes look great

Rockin’ Baby clothing review

I’m quite ashamed to say that until recently I hadn’t heard of Rockin’ Baby and I don’t know how this happened. The children’s brand, offering clothing and baby carriers, has just begun to be stocked in House of Fraser and the brand does some really important work. Rockin’ Baby have two really important campaigns, Mother to Mother and Child to Child. What this means is that for every sling or item or clothing sold, one will be given to mothers in Haiti and Kenya or children as part of ChildFund. Something I’m quite picky about when it comes to Erin