How To Dress Your Little One For Sleep This Winter

Keeping winter chills at bay is one of the most important criteria in any child’s clothing – so why should your child’s nightwear be any different! Through this blog, we will be exploring the very best designer winter wear the market has to offer to keep your little one cosy through the colder seasons. Pretty Pop of Colour Just because your child’s nightwear has to be practical doesn’t mean it can’t also be pretty. Take this Young Versace Baby Girls Sleeping Suit with Pink Medusa Logo Print Bib, £40, the soft cotton provides the perfect combination of softness and warmth

A Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious t-shirt from Sgt. Smith

It’s no secret that I love getting Erin nice clothes. She has, and will always have, a better wardrobe than I do. After getting Erin’s 1st birthday t-shirt from Sgt. Smith I wanted more. When I saw the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious t-shirt I knew we had to have it! Something I really love about this t-shirt are the colours. Now, I don’t normally put Erin in anything too pink but the raspberry and vanilla stripes look great on her. The raspeberry is lovely and bright while the vanilla makes it not too much. The colours also go really nicely with the black