Making The Most Of Winter With Dry Kids

Erin is an outdoor girl. A few years ago I would have laughed had you told me any child of mine would grow up loving the outdoors and exploring. However, moving to Norfolk certainly changed who I am and now I want to be out there with her. I’ll still scream at a wasp or bee but I’m much better than I used to be. The problem with having a child who loves to be outside is that they want to do that whether it’s warm, cold, snowing or raining. They don’t care! Luckily, Erin was sent a a great set

Erin’s Christmas Wardrobe 2017

One of the things I love most about Christmas is how many different items of festive clothing you can buy. I love a Christmas jumper for myself and forced John to join in a couple of years ago. The only person not loving the Christmas jumpers is my Mum but I’m making them mandatory this year for our Christmas Eve meal out. Erin has a much better Christmas wardrobe than any of us and here is what she’ll be wearing this year! I managed to buy a couple of bits last year in the sale for some bargain prices and

Keeping Warm And Dry, Whatever The Weather

We all know what the British weather is like. Unpredictable. Just the other weekend we had glorious sunshine and warmth for a whole weekend followed by extremely strong winds and the back end of a hurricane only a few days later. We also live not too far from the coast so we often get things worse than those inland. The weather wouldn’t be too much of a problem really but neither me or John drive. When we’re out and about with Erin, we really are exposed to the elements and we need to stay warm and dry, whatever the weather

Lottie & Lysh: Stylish Leggings For Children

I first found out about Lottie & Lysh before Erin was born. I bought her a pair of unicorn leggings in size 3-6m thinking she’d be in them quite soon. As Erin was a preemie and born at only 4lb 8oz, she didn’t actually fit into them for a very long time. Those unicorn leggings are right up there on the list of my favourite things Erin has worn. The great thing about Lottie & Lysh is that they have fantastic leggings with amazing patterns and I would say the majority are unisex. We were lucky enough to receive some

Our Visit To Bubble London

A couple of weeks ago we visited Bubble London, while making the most of having a weekend away together as a family. Having never been to something like this before, I really wasn’t sure what to expect, especially as it is a trade show and not really something that bloggers generally attend. However, I LOVE looking at clothes for Erin so I went wanting to find some new and exciting brands. So, instead of going over my whole visit I’m just going to throw out a few pictures and some info about things I fell in love with. Eva and

Boots Mini Club Summer Clothes Review

As you can tell from yesterday’s post, I love getting new clothes for Erin. I love for her to have a really good choice and because of when she was born, she needs different clothes for different seasons in the same size. One of our favourite brands is Boots Mini Club. We have had some wonderful bits from them in the past so I couldn’t wait to get Erin in some of their summer clothes. The pack of two playsuits were £10 and I think well priced, considering you get two. I chose this set because of the bright watermelon

Love Millie: Customisable Clothes Review

I love getting new clothes for Erin. Her wardrobe is overflowing and she has way better clothes than both me and John. Recently the opportunity arose for us to try out a couple of products from Love Millie, who specialises in customisable clothes for children. With Erin being 18 months old we ordered from the ‘Baby Clothes’ which run from birth to 24 months old. Children’s clothes go from 3 to 13 years. While there are loads of options for sizes, I feel that there could be more. I ordered Erin’s clothes in 12-24 months and there is a very