Celebrating Mother's Day With Stickerscape

Celebrating Mother’s Day With Stickerscape

With Mother’s Day coming up a lot of people will be on the look out for some lovely gifts to give. Today I’m showing you a lovely idea from Stickerscape along with the chance to win something for yourself!

In all honestly, I’m a bit of a pain to buy presents for. I never really say if I like something and I hardly ever ask for anything specific for a present. For Mother’s Day, I certainly don’t expect presents but it’s always nice to get something thoughtful. If you’re looking to do something nice for Mother’s Day this year, Stickerscape have some great products to help!

Stickerscape’s range of canvas bags are absolutely perfect for Mother’s Day and I personally love the Important Mummy Stuff Canvas Bag which costs £11.95. I do actually carry snacks around everywhere; in my bag, coat pockets, pushchair and anywhere else I can find a place for them.

Celebrating Mother's Day With Stickerscape

The bag is really roomy, measuring 30 x 30 x 19 cm. I think it would be a really lovely idea to fill the bag with things that your mum loves. So for me, it would be great if John and Erin tried to make some yummy biscuits or cakes and maybe made a card themselves or a picture themselves. Maybe the bag could be made up with a picnic lunch to take out somewhere for the day. Maybe the bag could include breakfast in bed (in some kind of boxes)!

Mother’s Day shouldn’t cost a fortune but instead, it should be meaningful and thoughtful. There are so many ways that this bag could be filled for Mother’s Day!

Celebrating Mother's Day With Stickerscape

Stickerscape have given us the opportunity to give away one of these bags! The giveaway ends on 28th February so there will be plenty of time for it to arrive before Mother’s Day! Enter below and good luck!
Win an ‘Important Mummy Stuff Canvas Bag’ from Stickerscape

Disclaimer: We received this product for the purpose of this post. All opinions are our own. 

Celebrating Mother's Day With Stickerscape

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  1. This bag sums up my life! Dog biscuits, tub of puree for Iris, snacks for me…. You never know when you might need a snack!

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