So You Want to Build A Human

Children’s Book Review: So You Want to Build A Human

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This week’s book review is all about So You Want to Build A Human by Tom Jackson and Jan Bielecki. It was published by Welbeck Publishing Group on 6th February 2020 and it can be purchased on Amazon (AD). 

So You Want to Build A Human

Open your ‘human body construction guide’ to reveal the answers to all your puzzling human biology questions! Find out what each body system does and how they fit together to create a living, breathing person.

Styled as a construction guide, readers will explore the ten major body systems from the inside out – from your bones to your nerves! Each spread contains body part checklists and ‘Don’t forget’ notes for key information, while a mini human body on each spread depicting the relevant body system works as a useful navigation tool when flicking through the book. The human engineer slant imparts STEM concepts for budding biologists and doctors. Prepare to get under the skin of the human body machine and find out what makes it tick.

So You Want to Build A Human

Erin may only be 4 but she has been really curious about the human body for at least 2 years now. A couple of years ago she hurt her ankle and had to have an x-ray and since then, she’s always asked loads of questions about why certain parts of us do what they do. I really don’t know all of the answers though so often have to turn to book or the internet. So You Want to Build A Human offers insight into different parts of the body and is aimed at children.

So You Want to Build A Human

So You Want to Build A Human is really clearly set out into different sections so you are easily able to find whatever you want to look at. This is great if your child has a particular interest or is learning about a certain topic at school. The book is also quite large so everything is easy to see and read.

So You Want to Build A Human

I really like that the pages are really bright and colourful, with text being broken up into coloured blocks. I think smaller bits of information are easier for children to take in and it helps to stop them from getting bored quickly. Of course, being a book about the body there is some medical terminology in there but if you get stuck with anything then you can look in the back of the book for an explanation.

So You Want to Build A Human

The illustrations throughout the book are fantastic. Sometimes books for children put a filter on things but I think this one helps to really show some real situations. I personally think it’s important to be quite truthful about these kinds of things so I really appreciated the great illustrations.

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Children's Book Review: So You Want to Build A Human

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  1. It looks fabulous and accessible for even littlies with an interest. I reckon this will be right up my little man’s Street in a couple of years.

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