Desperate To Learn To Drive

Desperate To Learn To Drive

Way back when I was 17 I was so excited to learn to drive. I got my provisional licence as soon as I could and was counting down the days until my first driving lesson. Those first few lessons were amazing. I couldn’t quite believe I was driving a car on actual roads. Neither of my parents can drive and at the time, my older sister hadn’t taken a lesson either. I wanted to be the first one of us to be able to drive.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for my excitement to dwindle. My driving instructor was really not very nice. He wasn’t all that patient with me and I think I’d only had about 4 or 5 lessons with him which were 2 hours long. I remember doing the same thing over and over and over again and driving around the same loop. On one particular lesson he really screamed at me and that was my last lesson with him. I cancelled other lessons I had booked in and eventually just stopped replying to his messages.

If that had happened now things would have gone differently. There’s no way I would have carried on the lessons with him but I would have stood up to myself and I would have said something.

Up until the last couple of years I hadn’t felt the need to be able to drive. I live in Toronto for a while where the transport was great. I lived in Nottingham for 3 years where there was 24 hour buses. I just didn’t need a car. Then, I moved to Norfolk and I realised that public transport was awful and the best places to visit were out of reach unless you had a car.

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Now, 7 years after moving to Norfolk I am ready to learn to drive again… I think. I’ll be honest, the thought of getting behind the wheel of a car absolutely terrifies me. I had a real struggle hearing the gears when I had lessons the first time around and I don’t want to panic about it. I’m thinking about looking into automatic driving lessons instead this time around. I think if I’m finally going to do it then I need to be as relaxed and calm as possible and this would take away one of my biggest worries.

Unfortunately, wanting to learn to drive doesn’t mean that I can do it yet. I did a bit of research last week and in 2019 the average time spent learning to drive was 45 hours and an average cost of around £1400. We don’t really have £120 a month spare for me to have an hour lesson a week right now. So, for now, I’ve started a savings account and I’ll be adding to it when I can. This way, I’ll have a bit of money behind me when I am ready to start again and I won’t have to stop because I can’t afford it.

Did you learn to drive later in life? Let me know about your experience! 


Desperate To Learn To Drive

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  1. I first started learning young but realised there was no need need for me to learn as I was at uni and transport was easily accessible. When I did start learning it was in the midst of wedding planning and my instructor was bloody awful, she shouted at me, told me all her issues. I soon realised she was just terrible and switched instructors and he was so lovely, he was so patient with me. I passed my test in a few lessons and a “practice” test ha. It’s a big step but it’s going to be such a good thing for you. Even though I don’t necessarily need to get behind with wheel now lady is at school but it opens so many doors for you.

  2. I started at 21 but it took me until 25 to pass as just couldn’t fit it in with Uni and training. I waited until I was settled and happy in my job and picked it up again. My instructor was great and I passed first time with him. You need to find a good one. Lots of luck!!

  3. I passed my test twenty years ago then moved to London and never drove again so I get you about how you find driving terrifying. But hope you overcome your fears – hypnotherapy is supposed to be great for that.

  4. I passed mine at 17 and glad I did, as it was easier without the expense of living on my own or having kids, but it is certainly something worthwhile and you will get there. It will make a big difference to you xx

  5. I had driving lessons when I was 19 and hated them. I then tried again at 21 and did a crash course, I still couldn’t get my head around it. I tried again at 24 and loved it! I am so glad I can drive now. Good luck!

  6. I remember being so excited to learn to drive, I booked my first lesson on my 17th birthday, I still absolutely love driving and cannot imagine relying on public transport. I grew in a village where there was one bus a week so not driving really wasn’t an option.

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