Super Milly and the Super School Day

Children’s Book Review: Super Milly And The Super School Day

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This week’s children’s book review is all about Super Milly And The Super School Day by Stephanie Clarkson and Gwen Millward. It was published by Nosy Crow and can be purchased on Amazon*. 

Super Milly and the Super School Day

On Superhero Day, Super Milly helps out her school friends with the best superpower of all . . . her super-kindness!

It’s Superhero Day at school, and Super Milly can’t wait to wow everyone with her costume and amazing powers! The only problem is she can’t actually fly, climb buildings or do force fields. But when Superhero Day doesn’t go to plan, Milly realises she only needs her super-kindness to save the day!

With its superhero theme and energetic and hilarious main character, this upbeat and very funny picture book about the power of kindness will inspire children to help others and have confidence in themselves.

Super Milly and the Super School Day

It’s Superhero Day at school and Milly has come up with her every own superhero costume with bits and pieces from home. Sadly, Milly realises that she doesn’t exactly have superpowers like other superheroes do. She’s really quite sad about it! But, Milly goes off to school dressed up in her superhero costume regardless.

Super Milly and the Super School Day

While at school, various things happen throughout the day and she thinks of the ways that other superheroes might help people. Milly can’t move pens with her mind, or swish people around super fast to make them change clothes, but she is kind and finds other ways to help her friends. The different situations are really fun the bright and bold illustrations to go alongside them are just great. The pages have quite a bit of ‘plain’ space and I think this helps children to pay more attention to what is going on in the story.

Super Milly and the Super School Day

Super Milly And The Super School Day is all about children finding something that they are good at, or something that makes them special, and celebrating that. Milly might not have been able to do things like a superhero but she could do a lot of other things instead. It’s a good way to focus on what children can do to make things better for someone, or themselves, rather than what they might not be able to do as well.


Children's Book Review: Super Milly And The Super School Day

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