Tiptoe Tiger cover

Children’s book review: Tiptoe tiger

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This week’s children’s book review is all about Tiptoe Tiger by Jane Clarke and Britta Teckentrup. It was published by Nosy Crow and it can be purchased on Amazon*.

Tiptoe Tiger cover

A delightful interactive picture book, filled with vibrant neon artwork by award-winning Britta Teckentrup.

The sun is going down in the jungle. But Tara the tiger cub is wide awake! Who will play with Tara? The beautiful butterflies? Or the hooting owls? Or will Tara’s bouncing and pouncing scare them all away?

In this delightful interactive book, filled with vibrant neon artwork, children can help Tara along her journey by spotting animals on the page, reminding Tara to tiptoe and warning her about the snappy crocodile. Then, when it’s time for Tara to settle down in bed with her mummy, they can wave goodbye and whisper “night, night”.

The perfect bedtime story for any lively child who needs a bit of help settling down at bedtime!

Tiptoe Tiger cover

As parents, I’m sure a lot of us have been there when our children just don’t want to go to bed. They’re just too playful, full of too much energy and definitely don’t want to settle down and be quiet. Well, Tara the tiger in this book is exactly the same!

Tiptoe Tiger cover

Tara wants to make friends and as part of the story, the reader is encouraged to help her to tiptoe up quietly to different animals. I love that the story gets the reader and children involved as well and there are other actions to carry out throughout the book as well. Some of the things might not keep your child quiet calm enough for bedtime but it is certainly fun.

Tiptoe Tiger cover

Tiptoe Tiger is such a fun and colourful book and the illustrations on each page reflect that. Think bright jungle colours, amazing animals such as butterflies and peacocks while Tara herself is bright orange and black. The illustrations aren’t very complicated either which really just helps to concentrate on the fun in the story.

Tiptoe Tiger is a really fun book for any time of the day but maybe, just like Tara, doing all of the actions will tire your little ones out too just before going to bed.


Children’s book review: Tiptoe Tiger

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