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Classic wooden toys from Jaques of London

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Over the years we have had all kinds of toys but not all of them have been quality and they have definitely not all lasted. If you’re looking for something that will last then consider wooden toys from Jaques of London, who do a wonderful range of toys for 5 year olds.

Jaques of London packaged toys

Whether you are buying for yourself or as a gift, Jaques of London package their products beautifully. Inside the stunning cardboard boxes finished with a lovely black ribbon with the Jaques name printed on. Erin couldn’t wait to open the exciting looking boxes to see what was inside.

Erin opening a Jaques of London pacjage

Score Four

Score Four, an absolute classic of a game and one that children can play from quite a young age. The Score Four set from Jaques of London has a wooden play set which folds down for storage and for emptying out the pieces easily after your game is finished. Moving the middle of the set around is really smooth so there’s no worries about accidentally breaking it.

Jaques of London Score Four

The black and red playing pieces are also wooden and suit the set perfectly. The set is a really decent size and so are the pieces but it’s always best to be careful when playing with children, especially if they are younger than Erin. However, at age 5, Erin finds these pieces really easy to hold and they’re also a great size for being able to see your coloured pieces easily while playing.

Jaques of London Score Four playing board

What I really love about this set though is how it can be folded down easily and everything stored in one place after you’ve finished playing with it. I’m sure anyone with children know that pieces are easily lost in sets but this really helps to keep everything together ready to have fun with the next time.

Jaques of London Score Four closed board

Snakes and Ladders with Ludo

Not only do Jaques of London do really lovely wooden toys but they also do reversible sets too like this one with Snakes and Ladders on one side and Ludo on the other. This means you’re getting fantastic value for money and are able to have even more fun with the games.

Jaques of London Snakes and Ladders

The board is a very thick and solid piece of wood and has Snakes and Ladders on one side and Ludo on the other. The set comes with a lovely bag to keep the die and wooden playing pieces in. You get 16 playing pieces in 4 colours; red, yellow, blue and green. I love that the playing pieces sort of look like little people too.

Erin moving the Jaques of London Snakes and Ladders pieces

The Snakes and Ladders board is really detailed and the snakes especially are fantastic… one even has a mouse in its mouth. There is also the green lines around the board too which can really help children to figure out which way they need to move if they’re not so good with numbers yet. There are gaps in the lines to show which way the pieces needs to move.

Jaques of London Ludo

Ludo isn’t a game we’ve playing much with Erin before but even if you’re not sure of the rules (like we weren’t) then you get them including in the box. However, the rules of Ludo are actually really easy once you get used to what you have to do. It’s also nice that 4 people can play this game and that’s perfect for us as me, Erin, John and Grandma can all play together.

Jaques of London Ludo board and pieces

We’re so impressed with the quality of the products from Jaques of London and I know it’s somewhere we’d buy from again in the future. With Christmas coming up it would be a great place to start your shopping and you can get 15% off here https://jaques.games/15off 


Classic wooden toys from Jaques of London

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