Wanda's Words Got Stuck

Children’s Book Review: Wanda’s Words Got Stuck

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This weekend’s children’s book review is all about Wanda’s Words Got Stuck by Lucy Rowland and Paula Bowles. It was published by Nosy Crow and it can be purchased on Amazon*.

Wanda's Words Got Stuck

A magic-filled rhyming picture book, perfect for any child who feels anxious about talking.

Wanda the witch is so shy she can’t talk! No matter how hard she tries, the words won’t come out. But when another nervous little witch called Flo joins her class, it seems that Wanda’s not the only one who worries about speaking. Then disaster strikes at the magic contest . . . will Wanda have the courage to shout out the magic words and save her new friend Flo from a dangerous dragon?

This heart-warming adventure about finding confidence through friendship is filled with potions, spells and magical animals! Children will fall in love with brave Wanda the witch, especially those who have difficulties with speech, anxiety about talking, or lack confidence in front of others.

Wanda's Words Got Stuck

With Erin having moved up from nursery to reception last month we are really finding books set in schools really helpful. I Erin doesn’t tell me too much about what she does in her classroom or who she plays with so reading books about school can help to open up a conversation if anything is bothering her.

Wanda's Words Got Stuck

In this book, Wanda likes the quiet at school. When all of the children join the class she doesn’t like to speak up and likes to stay a bit to herself. When a new witch joins the class, Wanda sees that’s she is really shy as well. One day Wanda and Flo slowly become friends and find that they can be a bit more free with each other.

Wanda's Words Got Stuck

Throughout the book, both Wanda and Flo struggle with being able to speak out but having a friend definitely helps them both. Each character finds a way to be themselves, with the help of the other, and Wanda especially really finds her voice. It was a really nice story to follow and to see some real character development. The book really helps children to see that it is okay to speak up and doing so could help someone.

Wanda's Words Got Stuck

Wanda’s Words Got Stuck is really a fun book with a great message and the illustrations help to keep the story light and entertaining. This has been one of my personal favourites to read recently.


Children's Book Review: Wanda's Words Got Stuck

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