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Save The Sky With PJ Masks

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Erin has been a big PJ Masks fan for quite some time now and she has loved playing with some of the other toys in the past. Now, with the PJ Masks Heroes of the Sky special that aired on Tiny Pop (soon to be on Disney+), Erin has been sent a few of the Save the Sky themed toys to try out!

PJ Air Jet and Owl Glider with characters 1

Erin was sent the PJ Air Jet and the Owl Glider and with these included was Cat Boy and Owlette figures. If you want to have the whole PJ Masks set then Gecko is available to purchase separately as well. Having the extra characters means that children can really extend how they play and also to help them to come up with a wider range of play ideas.

The Owl Glider is a lovely smaller vehicle and a great companion to the PJ Air Jet. The Owl Glider and Owlette figure are great toys to help children to really get into the PJ Masks world. Cat Boy will definitely need some help and an extra flying vehicle is great for this.

Cat Boy and Owlette

Sometimes with larger toys like the PJ Masks Air Jet they can be quite tricky for little hands to hold. This one though comes with a fantastic handle right on the top which definitely makes flying the jet around a lot easier.

PJ Air Jet

The PJ Air Jet has a fantastic sound button which is just on the front of the handle, which plays the PJ Masks theme tune and a couple of sound effects. Erin does find the button quite hard to press though and I do have to help her with this some of the time.

PJ Air Jet

One of Erin’s favourite features of the PJ Air Jet is the missile launcher on one of the wings. The characters have little holes in their feet so they can be securely placed on the wings of the jet and they can stand behind the missile launcher. You do only get 1 missile with the set and I have a feeling that this might get lost quite quickly. It would be handy to get a couple or if it would be possible to buy extras.

PJ Air Jet Missile Launcher

Cat Boy on the PJ Air Jet

What I really liked was that there was plenty of space on the PJ Air Jet for all three of the characters. One can fly the jet, one can control the missile launcher and the other can stand on the other wing. It’s nice that this has really been thought of to help maximise play.

Cat Boy and Owlette on the PJ Air Jet

Not only do these toys provide hours of fun on their own but if your child has other PJ Masks play sets, figures or vehicles then they can make the missions even more awesome and exciting!

Check out the PJ Masks store on Amazon*, where there are loads of great ideas if you’re thinking about Christmas presents!


Save The Sky With PJ Masks

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  1. She is just adorable playing with her new toys. That air craft looks so much bigger than I thought. My daughter also has this set on her Christmas list, so you know this is a favorite here as well !

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