What Are Little Girls Made Of?

Children’s Book Review: What Are Little Girls Made Of?

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This week’s children’s book review is all about What Are Little Girls Made Of?, nursery rhymes for feminist times, by Jeanne Willis and Isabelle Follath. The book was published by Nosy Crow and it can be purchased on Amazon*.

What Are Little Girls Made Of?

Think you know your favourite classic nursery rhymes? Read this hilarious picture book with a feminist twist and think again! In this witty reworking of popular nursery rhymes, Georgie Porgie doesn’t dare to make the girls cry, Little Bo-Peep’s sheep are all present and correct, thank you, and it’s the queen, OF COURSE, who fixes Humpty Dumpty. With the combination of Jeanne Willis’s brilliantly funny poems and charming, witty illustrations from Isabelle Follath, these nursery rhymes prove that girls can be the heroes of any story.

This remixed nursery rhyme collection is the perfect gift book for any child (or adult!), to read aloud or enjoy alone.

What Are Little Girls Made Of?

Being a Mum to a little girl, I want her to grow up thinking that she can achieve anything she wants to. But, outdated stories and nursery rhymes depict a very different kind of female than how we would think of things today. I don’t want her growing up believing in some of the old nursery rhymes so I was so happy to be sent this book, which looks at things a little differently.

What Are Little Girls Made Of?

To start with, the illustrations are fantastic. Each page is bright, fun and colourful and there is loads for children to take in and look at. It’s really important for a child to be interested in a book and this one is really quite beautiful.

What Are Little Girls Made Of?

What Are Little Girls Made Of? is full of great nursery rhymes all told differently. In Jack and Jill they have a scooter to play with and when it breaks, Jill is the one who goes off to get tools to fix it! In Georgie Porgie he isn’t allowed to kiss the girl because she tells him not to unless she says it’s okay. Little Jack Horner is retold completely being made into Little Jade Horner, who loves to look up at the stars and make spaceships.

It’s not that these nursery rhymes are anti-male but instead they show that females can be and do a whole range of things. It’s much more suited to what we should be teaching children today and I really like how creative the changes are.


Children's Book Review: What Are Little Girls Made Of?

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  1. Why do have a feeling she kept the snips and snails for what little boys are made of. And while making rhymes that empower girls she make boys look stupid and useless.

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