When a Dragon Meets a Baby

Children’s book review: When a Dragon Meets a Baby

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This week’s children’s book review is all about When a Dragon Meets a Baby by Caryl Hart and Rosalind Beardshaw. It was published by Nosy Crow and can be purchased on Amazon*.

When a Dragon Meets a Baby

A delightful, rhyming picture book that’s perfect for any little dragon who is about to become a big sister or brother.

This charming follow-up to When a Dragon Comes to Stay and When a Dragon Goes to School is full of recognisable pre-school behaviour, and deals with all those tricky emotions that bubble up when a new baby arrives. Created by the award-winning Caryl Hart and Rosalind Beardshaw.

When a new baby comes home with Mummy and Daddy one day, will a dragon share her squishiest toy, fetch the changing mat and help to tidy the house while Mummy has a nap? Or will she refuse to say hello, and bash and crash her toys at bedtime? It’s going to be hard to behave herself . . . she is a DRAGON after all!

When a Dragon Meets a Baby

A while ago we reviewed another book in the When a Dragon… series, When a Dragon Goes to School and it was such a good book for Erin at the time as she was just about to go into infant school. A new addition to the series is When a Dragon Meets a Baby, all about when a family has a new baby and what children can do to help during that time.

When a Dragon Meets a Baby

To start with, the illustrations are really cute! The dragon, his Mum, Dad and the new baby dragon are just adorable and it would be hard not to get stuck right into this book. The dragon in the book is such a lovely character, showing that they help with all aspects of what the baby dragon needs.

When a Dragon Meets a Baby

The book shows what siblings can do to be super helpful when the new baby comes home. Dragons do things like help get nappies and wipes when the baby needs changing or gets new clothes when they need them. Dragons don’t pester their Mum when she might not have as much time to play but instead find something to do or tries to play with the baby too.

When a Dragon Meets a Baby

However, although the book shows all of these things that siblings can to do be helpful and inclusive with the new baby, it does show that the dragon isn’t always perfect and sometimes needs some help themselves. When a Dragon Meets a Baby is a great book for if you’re about to welcome a new child into the family and need some help with explaining things to your other children.


Children's book review When a Dragon Meets a Baby

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