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The Countdown To Reception

It seems like a lifetime ago when we applied for Erin’s place at infant school. Due to everything else that has been going on lately the day for admission announcements kind of got forgotten. It only dawned on my the evening before and after that I was filled with both excitement and fear. We live in a small town with two infant schools. One is a 2 minute walk away from our house and the other is right across town. We don’t drive so Erin not getting in to our first choice would have made things quite difficult.

Thankfully we needn’t have worried as Erin was accepted into the school just around the corner from our house and the one we had been hoping she would get in to. A lot of her friends at nursery will be going there and some who moved up last year will be there so it’s great that Erin will have some friendly faces in September.

flatlay of school uniform
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When we told Erin about the school that she would be going to she was quite excited. We pass it every day on the way to nursery so I had been preparing her a little bit in the run up to this. It was funny though because we spoke about wearing school uniform instead of her own clothes and she wasn’t impressed. White and grey are not exciting enough colours apparently.

Speaking of uniform, I checked out the ‘official’ uniform website on the day we found out and I nearly had a heart attack at the prices. I can kind of understand the items with school branding on them being more expensive but not things like plain grey pinafores etc. Thankfully lots of people offered advise about buying from other shops and getting things cheaper while Erin is in Reception. I know we have a while until we actually need to buy uniform but I wanted to get an idea of how much money we needed to save up.

Erin eating MadeGood's granola bars

Another thing that worries me slightly is food. Erin is quite a fussy eater and the list of things we can usually get her to eat at meals is quite small. Erin will be having hot school lunches and I’m hoping this encourages her to try some new things. I think part of the problem is sometimes we ask what Erin would like to eat and she always chooses her favourites. I have been trying to just tell Erin what is for dinner or lunch etc. now and she has actually tried a few new things which is promising. I do think having a chat with her about school lunches helped though as she now knows she will need to eat something different at school.

September really doesn’t seem very far away at the minute and it won’t be long before her first day is here!


The Countdown To Reception

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  1. Aww! It is such a big step, starting school. I am glad Erin got a place in the one you wanted.
    hahaha! The uniform only gets more expensive the older they get. If you have to buy branded things look on local FB selling pages when the summer holidays start. I’ve saved a fortune buying 2nd hand.
    I am sure when Erin see’s all the other kids eating the school lunch she will too. Try not to worry x

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