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Chilled Treats to Make in the Summer

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When summer rolls around, a huge challenge comes with it: keeping cool. There are plenty of ways to do this, some people go to the pool or beach, others crank up their AC, and some might make some ice-cold treats.

If you’re someone who enjoys making these icy treats, and is looking to expand your menu, look no further, here are some chilled treats you can make this summer!

1.) Starting off this list is a classic summer treat that you can easily make at home: the chipwich. A combination of two amazing desserts, ice cream and cookies, this simple recipe is great for a hot summer day.

This recipe can be made all from scratch, or you can buy the ingredients pre-made. Making the ice cream and cookies from scratch will be more rewarding, but there’s nothing wrong with store bought ice cream and cookies either.

Once you have both ingredients, simply put your ice cream in between two cookies like a sandwich and voila you have your very own chipwich. You can even get sprinkles or chocolate chips to roll them in to add some more sweet to your summer treat!

2.) A fun poolside snack that your friends or family can enjoy together is a nice cold dip and some chips. This recipe is as easy as it is tasty, and will be great on a hot summer day.

A popular dip of choice is made with pepper jelly, it’s a sweet ingredient with a little kick. Simply mix your favorite flavor, like the cranberry variety, and cream cheese together thoroughly and you’ve got yourself an excellent cranberry pepper jelly dip. Add in other ingredients to give it your own touch, and serve with your choice of chips.

3.) Next on our list we have a frozen treat that’s tasty and good for you too, frozen fruit popsicles! These work great on a nice hot day, are easy to make, and people of all ages will love them.

To make the pops you’ll just need water, sugar, and your choice of fruits. Mash or blend your fruit until it’s in a sort of liquid form, and then after boiling the water and sugar and letting that mixture cool, pour it in a mold along with your fruit.

Freeze them with popsicle sticks and they’re ready to help you stay cool on a hot summer day!

4.) Last but certainly not least on our list we have a classic for the summer time, jello. More specifically, rainbow colored jello cubes, for a fun and colorful treat. 

This recipe can be made with any colors so feel free to mix and match to fit your occasion! All you’ll need is your choice of different colored gelatin packs, water, and some condensed milk. This treat is great for any event or party and will be a big hit amongst your guests!

And there you have it, some nice chilled treats to help you stay cool this summer!

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