Choosing Gentle With Johnson's

Choosing Gentle With Johnson’s

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We have used Johnson’s products since Erin was born with the bedtime range being a personal favourite of mine. I have been known to use Erin’s bubble bath for myself and I’ve had to sneakily replace a bottle more than a few times now. A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the House of Johnson’s in London to discover their relaunch and also their new products.

I got to hear from people who were passionate about Johnson’s products and the changes that had been made. During the re-brand process over 400 ingredients were rejected from Johnson’s products and they are also all free from parabens, sulphates and dyes and are hypoallergenic with more than 90% naturally derived ingredients. Parents only want the best on their child’s skin and it’s a relief to know that there are only necessary items in Johnson’s products.

I was lucky enough to hear all about what has been changed in Johnson’s products and I also got to experience the brand new ‘Cottontouch’ range. After using the 2-in-1 bath & wash as well as the face & body wash my skin felt and smelled amazing. I have to say that the bedtime range was my favourite before but it has very quickly been replaced with Cottontouch.

Johnson's cottontouch

Johnson’s products now come with easy ages and stages icons to help you pick the products best suited to you and your family. Something I was really excited to discover was that there was now a toddler and kids range of products. As a parent to a 3 year old I can honestly say that Erin’s hair and skin need something a bit different compared to what we used when she was a baby.

Re-branded Johnson's products

Unfortunately, Erin has the same fine hair that I do and quite often it can get flyaway and a bit static. Erin has swimming lessons and also loves a bath every night so we have needed a product that can cope with all of this and help to fix her hair issues. One set of products that stood out for me was the Strength Drops range.

Johnson's strength drops

The Strength Drops shampoo and conditioner have really helped Erin’s hair. Instead of having hair that gets static easily, and hair that can be really flyaway, it has been tamed down a lot! After only a couple of washes I noticed a big difference in the condition of Erin’s hair. I think using both the shampoo and conditioner really help as the products compliment each other and help to strengthen the hair.

Erin with Johnson's Strength Drops products

Along with fine, flyaway hair Erin also hates having her hair brushed. We sometimes have to use a ‘magic’ necklace just to get her to let me anywhere near her with a hairbrush. As soon as I find a knot Erin goes crazy and it’s a battle from then on. Johnson’s have come up with a ‘No More Tangles’ range of products in their toddlers and kids category.

Johnson's toddler and kids range

We have been having loads of fun trying out our new Johnson’s products. Erin’s long, untamed head of hair has suddenly become a lot more manageable as well as being in much better condition. We have been using a mix of the products depending on what we have been doing and what Erin’s hair has needed. We’ve had fewer knots, less brushing time and a lot less tears.

Erin having her hair washed

It’s great to have a range of products suited to toddlers and their different needs. Not only have we found products that are better for what Erin needs but we have also now got products that are easier to use and more family friendly. The bottles are easier to open, some come with pump dispensers and while the bottles are coloured, the products inside aren’t!

Do you have a favourite Johnson’s product? Have you tried anything from the re-branded products yet?


Choosing Gentle With Johnson's

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