Christmas gift ideas for children aged 7-10

Christmas gift ideas for children age 7-10

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As children get older it can get harder and harder to know what to get them for Christmas. This post is full of Christmas gift ideas for children aged 7 to 10.

Micro Scooter

CRUISER LED Micro Scooter Pink

Scooters are a great way for children to have fun and stay active at the same time. The CRUISER LED Micro Scooter has large light-up wheels for speed and comfort, a lower footplate for stability and adjustable wide handlebars. Parents will appreciate the simple fold mechanism, making it easier to store or carry around when not being used. The CRUISER LED Micro Scooter is available in aqua, blue, neochrome and pink.

Yoto Mini player and accessories

Yoto Mini player with cards and accessories

Something we use daily at home is the Yoto Mini player and it makes a fantastic Christmas gift. The Yoto Mini plays audio cards (credit card sized) with stories such as Matilda, Frozen and Star Wars. You can get music cards, meditation cards and even baking cards! Why not put together a starter set including the player, wireless headphones, cards and a card holder!

Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand Mermaid Crystal playset

We’ve loved Kinetic Sand over the years and there’s always something new being brought out. This year the Mermaid Crystal playset includes shimmer sand, tools and a reusable crystal container storage for easy clean-up. Fluff the sand and feel it flow through your fingers like slow-moving liquid. Discover mermaid-themed tools, moulds, pearls and gems.

Kinetic Sand Treasure Hunt

Another great Kinetic Sand set is the Treasure Hunt box. This fun Kinetic Sand kit features 9 treasures to uncover hidden in 6 secret layers of the treasure chest. Find tools, gems, rare sand and more. There’s even more treasures waiting underneath the chest. The roller unlocks the bottom panel, revealing the gold sand in a shark mould, which houses 5 hidden gems!

Kinetic Sand Mermaid Treasure

For something smaller, the Mermaid Treasure sets are ideal for stocking fillers or presents for children’s friends. Open your mermaid container to discover a shovel to dig through the sand. The castle is filled with shimmer sand, mermaid tools and hidden gems. Use the mould to create clam shells. Can you find the rare large opal sea shell? When you’re finished playing, store your sand back in the Mermaid Treasure for easy clean up.

IQ2 Pro from IMO Mobile

IMO Q2 from IMO Mobile

At this age, children might start to ask for their own mobile phones. The IMO Q2 from IMO Mobile would be a great choice for a starter phone. With parental controls, you can make sure the phone is safe to use and control what your children can use the phone for. This low-cost phone is ideal as a Christmas gift if you’re thinking about letting your children have their own phone.

Hey Doodle resuable gifts

Hey Doodle silicone reusable mat

HeyDoodle is a fantastic brand that offers a range of useable art products for children. The reusable silicone mats are fantastic for being on the go or going on holiday. Inside the pack you’ll find an A3 reusable mat as well as 9 pens for colouring. The packaging can be used to keep everything safe and for storage.

Hey Doodle silicone story book

Another great product from HeyDoodle is the reusable colouring books. Titles include Natural Wonders, Old MacDonald Had A Farm and Habitats Above & Below. You can colour one page at a time or stretch the book out to see more pages at a time. The book comes in a lovely box and includes pens for colouring.

Dazzle by Number Stationery

Nebulous Stars Dazzle-By-Number Stationery

Move over painting by numbers… dazzle by numbers is the new big thing! Nebulous Stars allows children to get creative and decorate items such as a notebook, a board, a bookmark, fridge magnets with rhinestones. Instructions are included so you’ll know what colour gem to put where!



Back in the day, Tamagotchis were on everyone’s Christmas lists. Bitzee is bigger and better! Children can enjoy this interactive digital toy pet which you can love and care for. The more children play, the more they can do by unlocking up to 15 different pets.

Pokémon Nanoblock - Charmander

For Pokemon fans a Pokémon Nanoblock will provide loads of fun. Charmander is just one Pokemon to collect, with others such as Pikachu, Eevie and Gyarados being available. Charmander will be big enough to fit in the palm of your hand and contains 119 pieces.

Sparkle Science set

Sparkle Science

If you’re looking for a fun STEM product to give as a gift then take a look at Sparkle Science. In the set you get 10 different sparkling chemistry experiments including making an erupting volcano and a super cool lava lamp. Of course, all of the experiments have some kind of sparkly addition to them as well!


My Little Pony BloPens

If you’re shopping for a creative child this Christmas then this My Little Pony BLOPENS set is ideal. It comes with 4 mini BLOPENS and 5 stencils and the box becomes the easel! I love that everything can be kept together and even the box has more than one use.

Paw Patrol toys

Paw Patrol All Paws Gift Set

The new Paw Patrol movie has been a big hit (we loved it) and there are loads of great toys for fans. The All Paws Gift Set is a great one for fans of the classic Paw Patrol characters, as well as a few of the newer ones. It’s a lovely set that will ensure children have hours of fun.

Paw Patrol Marshall figure and vehicle

If Marshall if your child’s favourite pup then the Marshall Fire Engine is perfect. The set comes with a small Marshall figure, dressed in a fire uniform, as well as his iconic fire truck. The ladder even moves on the truck, making sure children can have hours of fun.

Paw Patrol Chase figure and vehicle

If your child’s favourite pup is Chase then Chase’s Patrol Cruiser would make a fantastic gift. The set comes with Chase, all ready for action in uniform, and his Patrol Cruiser. The cruiser has rolling wheels, ensuring play can be as fun as possible.

STABILO stationery


Stationery and pens are always a good choice when it comes to gifts for children. STABILO’s Pen 68 brush Arty pack and Trio Deco packs make lovely presents and something that will get used a lot. Whether it’s drawing or colouring, STABILO can help to bring out the creativity in children.

Harry Potter activity set

Harry Potter activity set

Another great set is the Harry Potter BLOPENS magical activity set. Create pictures of your favourite Harry Potter characters and scenes with BLOPENS. The set includes 8 BLOPENS, 6 reusable Harry Potters character stencils and 2 sets of glow in the dark stickers.



Mess-free gifts will be widely appreciated, and are great for children! The John Adams iDoodle allows children to be creative by stamping, doodling and stencilling on the iDoodle pad while not making any mess at all. You can press a button to erase the drawings and start all over again!

Feisty Pets

Feisty Pets Glenda Glitterpoop

Cute and cuddly on the outside, these ‘fur-ociously’ Feisty Pets go from care to scare with a simple squeeze! Pets like Glenda Glitterpoop make fun and silly gifts, and are something a bit different than your average soft toy.

Products by Mouth and Foot painting artists

Products by Mouth and Foot painting artists

For something a little bit different this year, consider a gift from Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, a group of artists who paint using just their mouths and feet due to physical disability. Products include Danny’s Dream, a children’s book about Danny, a young boy who dreams of being an Olympic Champion, when one day a dramatic incident changes his life forever, leaving him wheelchair-bound. He then goes on to win the Paralympics! I also really love the Playing Cards which will be great for playing games as a family.

Hopefully these gift ideas will have given you some inspiration for the children in your lives this year!

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