Christmas gift ideas for pets

Christmas Gift Ideas For Pets

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We never forget our pets at Christmas and they get presents just like the rest of us. Read on for some Christmas ideas for pets!

Treats from Bounce and Bella

If you’re a dog owner you’ll know how important it is to give your friend the best when it comes to ingredients. Bounce and Bella‘s range of ‘pure nibbles’ are naturally air-dried treats which come in different flavours such as venison, beef and chicken.

Bounce and Bella dog nibbles

These treats are soft and chewy, making them great for both dogs and puppies. They can be used either as training treats or delicious snacks for your dog! Using only one ingredient means even if they suffer from allergies, itching, sensitive stomach or digestive problems, they will be able to eat these nibbles!

Bounce and Bella dog nibbles

Bounce and Bella‘s grain-free training treats can also be used with fun training balls. Add in a little bit of fun with a training ball mixed with their favourite treats, such as fish or poultry ultimate training treats.

Bounce and Bella dog treats and training ball

Cat calming products

We have cats of mixed ages and they both need really different things sometimes. Jinx is 4 and a bit crazy at times while Kirin is a bit of an old lady cat and gets scared and nervous at times. Calming Zone have some fantastic products for cats who need some help with staying that little bit calmer.

Calming Zone calming pheromone collar

The calming pheromone collar is ideal if you have a cat who needs something that can stay on them, such as cats who go outdoors.

Calming Zone cat calming kit

Another option is a calming kit. These plug-ins are used somewhere at home instead of being worn by the cats. The device releases an odourless, drug-free vapour that mimics cat pheromones, naturally occurring chemicals that signal safety and familiarity. If you have changes coming up, such as a house move, something like this can really help.

Toys from Pet Love

Pet Love squeaky pheasant

I’m not sure I’ve ever met a dog who doesn’t love a squeaky toy! Pet Love has a great range of toys for dogs including the Hunt & Squeak Pheasant. It has a built-in squeaker and crinkle noise and is great for a game of chase and fetch. This one can even be put in the washing machine!

Somewhere to sleep

Mikki Pet domed calm bed

Our cats love somewhere cosy to sleep, especially in winter when it gets colder. The domed calm bed from Mikki Pet is ideal for smaller pets such as cats, kittens and small dogs! The inside is so snuggly any pet is bound to love it!

Hopefully these gift ideas for pets will have given you some inspiration for gifts to buy this year!

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  1. I love these suggestions for pets. I need something for Roxy the cat whose a little crazy too. Good that you found some nice goodies.

  2. We don’t have any pets, so this is not something I’ve ever thought about before. I know someone who is obsessed with her cats though, so might forward this to her.

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