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Christmas Gift Ideas For Pets

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This year we welcomed a new member to the family. Jinx now feels like she’s been with us forever and of course, she won’t be left out on Christmas Day. In this post you’ll find a whole host of gifts for cats and gifts for dogs!

Personalised Grey Wooden Pet Toy Box

As soon as we brought Jinx home we wanted to make sure that we had plenty of toys for her to play with. For a while they just ended up laying around the room and getting in the way but then we found the Personalised Grey Wooden Pet Toy Box from GiftPup. It can be personalised with your pet’s name and there is loads of room for plenty of toys!

Cattitude Box

When you have a pet they very quickly become party of your family. Sometimes, it’s really nice to get a present for both of you and that’s why I think the Cattitude Box is such a great idea. The box comes filled with items for both you and your cat, around 3-4 each and you can subscribe monthly or bi-monthly as well as being able to give as a gift. You can also shop items from past boxes too!

HiLife cat treats

Jinx loves a treat but we’re very careful about what we give her. HiLife ‘its only natural’ cat treats are made from only natural ingredients and come in either 100% duck breast or 100% chicken breast. They also have their own range of cat food!

Webbox Cat toys

Being a young kitten still, Jinx loves to play and can usually have around 3 ‘crazy’ hours per day. Playing with the same thing over and over can get boring, even for cats, so Webbox cat toys offer something fun and festive. I know that Jinx will get hours of fun out of both of these toys.

Webbox cat treats

Not only are there toys but there is also have a range of Webbox festive cat treats. Jinx would love some Christmas dinner I’m sure instead we have some lovely, safe treats for her to enjoy. There are products suitable for both adult cats and kitten so be sure to check the website for the information.

Webbox dog treats

Although we no longer have a dog, it’s good to know that Webbox also have a good range of festive dog treats. There’s no reason for your pup to miss out with things like Gingerbread Bones, the Doggie Deli Pack or the Chomping Chews, all with a festive twist.

Webbox dog toys

Dogs also love a good toy (Jackson used to play so much)and Webbox also have a range of festive dog toys. I love this reindeer toy and hopefully it will stop your pooch from trying to play with the wrapping paper on Christmas Day!

Do you get your pets Christmas presents? What will you be getting them this year? 


Christmas Gift Ideas For Pets

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  1. I love these suggestions for pets. I need something for Roxy the cat whose a little crazy too. Good that you found some nice goodies.

  2. We don’t have any pets, so this is not something I’ve ever thought about before. I know someone who is obsessed with her cats though, so might forward this to her.

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