Cleaning Up The Garden

Cleaning Up The Garden With FFX

We are very lucky to have a large garden. We have a decent sized patio, a 10ft x 10ft piece of decking and a whole lot of lawn. Our rabbits have a hutch each after trying to kill one another a couple of years ago and they are massive! Not only do the rabbits take up a lot of room but we also need somewhere to keep their food, straw and hay! Just recently we’ve had some help cleaning up with garden from FFX.

The first item on my shopping list was somewhere to store everything that the rabbits need on a daily basis. We have a large Keter storage box but I want to use this for Erin’s toys in the winter so I needed a second box. Apart from buying a shed, this Sealey Storage Box was my only option. It seemed pretty perfect for what I needed.

Putting the storage box together was quite straight forward but you do need a few pairs of hands and a bit of strength. The whole thing pretty much pushes into place and has small tabs which click into holes. Unfortunately, these tabs are small and weak, meaning more than a few of them broke while we were putting this together. Luckily, the box held together well enough once on it’s own. The box also has a hinge which is really a very thin piece of plastic put through a couple of holes so this is something that could be better too. The sells for roughly £50 and I would expect a bit better quality for the price.

Even though putting the box together wasn’t the best, the box itself is exactly what I needed. I first thought that the box was too small and I should have paid more attention to the size. However, there is so much space inside. We currently keep hay, straw and rabbit food in the box and we have a lot of space to stock up over the winter and keep extra supplies.

Next up on my shopping list for a few items to help clean out the rabbits. Two rabbit hutches can get quite dirty, especially when one has a toilet it refuses to use! Our current broom was falling apart and the bristles were far too soft for the patio stones. We now have a really large broom (see top picture) with stiff bristles and it’s so much better!

I also chose to get some items which some people would think are quite boring! Two of the most important things for cleaning out rabbits are a good pair of gloves and a dustpan and brush set!

I chose to get gardening gloves instead of something a little bit more standard so we get more use out of them. The gloves are great for weeding as well as making sure we stay clean ourselves when sorting out the rabbits!

FFX had a really large range of items for both the home and garden. I could have chosen a lot more that would have helped us out. Delivery only took a couple of days too and that’s always important to me. I would definitely order from FFX again.

Disclaimer: We received a voucher to spend on the FFX website for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.

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