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Inspiration For Summer Interiors

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When it comes to decorating, no one really wants to do it in the winter. I personally wouldn’t want to do much painting while it’s freezing and wet outside because I wouldn’t want to have the windows in the house open. According to, 59% of people said they would change their interior design during the summer! Where winter is dark and dingy, summer is all about fresh, light colours and pops of colour.

Here are some tips for sprucing up your interiors this summer:

Bring the outdoors in!

When I think of summer I think about being in the garden, visiting parks and generally being outdoors. Bringing fresh flowers and plants into the house make everything smell fresher, more inviting and if you’re stuck indoors, you’re not missing out! Honestly, I’m pretty bad at keeping proper plants alive but we have a gorgeous fireplace and a nice shelf above it and I love to see fresh flowers in a vase on there! It’s even better when I remember how nice they smell.

Rose Gold and Copper

I am a bit in love with this trend! I have definitely jumped on it and added a few touches to my desk at home. Adding a new style or colour to a room doesn’t have to mean a complete make over. My office is a very boring white at the moment but adding in some of these gorgeous pieces, especially the rabbit, make it a little bit different and a lot more stylish!


Having a good declutter can give you a massive sense of achievement. A messy house is not a calm house and I think summer is a great time to do this. I love being able to get into one room at a time, have the windows open and really get on with it. I tend to have a big sort out once a year in each room and give it a really thorough clean at the same time.

Not only will getting rid of items you no longer use make you a bit of cash if you use your local selling sites but it will also show off more of your house! If you have gorgeous furniture or a lovely carpet, you don’t want them being overshadowed by the ‘stuff’ you have lying around. You don’t have to sell everything though, a good tidy up and putting everything away will make a massive difference too!

Writing this post has really made me want to start my yearly sort out. I can’t wait to get some rooms spruced up now.

What are your tips for refreshing your interiors for the summer?

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