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Creative Christmas Gift Ideas For Under 5s

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Although we love to buy Erin toys for Christmas we also like to make sure that we do a mix of fun, educational and creative. We’re quite big on crafts and painting etc. so I thought a list of creative Christmas gift ideas for under 5s would help out other families just like us.

Banjo Robinson subscription

Erin loves getting her own letters in the post and if your child is the same then a Banjo Robinson subscription is definitely worth looking into. Banjo sends letters to your child each month from all around the world, encouraging them to learn about new things and new places. Your child can write a reply to the letter, or maybe draw if they can’t write yet, and it’s a really interesting and different way to encourage creativity.

Play Stuff Dough Pizza Pasta

With Erin being a bit of a fussy eater we try to encourage her to learn through play. The Play Stuff Dough Pizza Pasta set is a great way for children to learn about different kinds of foods, how they’re made and hopefully ignite some interest in trying something new. This is also a set that can be used over and over again in various ways.

Zimpli Kids Gelli World

Zimpli Kids products

Something we don’t mind is making a bit of a mess while we’re at home. There’s not much that can’t be cleaned up easily and I think messy activities really help to encourage children to do something different. Zimpli Kids have a whole range of products full of creative ideas such as Unicorn Slime Play, Baff Bomz and Gelli Worlds. Children can experience different coloured bath water, slime worlds and even make their own snow balls with other sets!

Paint Sticks Classic Art Station

We have been using Little Brian Paint Sticks for well over a year now and it’s one of Erin’s favourite activities. The Paint Sticks Classic Art Station* is both a great starter set or something for a child who is already a fan. The Art Station has both a paint and chalk board and the paint sticks only take seconds to dry, making it a clean activity to do as well!

Face Paintoos

Erin first discovered temporary tattoos a few months ago and also had her face painted properly for the first time at a friend’s birthday party. I am in no way creative and Erin asks quite often to have something done again. Face Paintoos* offer an easy solution with designs that don’t smudge and are also really easy to apply.

Fuzzikins Fuzzi Street

Sometimes when I’m looking for a creative activity for Erin I want to make sure it’s fun but also something that can be used more than once. Fuzzikins Fuzzi Street* comes with a Fuzzi Penguin ice-cream seller, a cardboard building and loads of accessories, all of which can be customised with the washable pens included. When you have finished colouring in the penguin you can wash the pen off and do it all again.

I’m sure all of these products will be a great hit with children this Christmas. Which is your favourite?


Creative Christmas Gift Ideas For Under 5s

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