Cute Ideas For Making Memories As A New Family

Cute Ideas For Making Memories As A New Family

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Are you a new parent that’s suffering with sleepless nights? If the answer is yes, we’re here to help you enjoy the newborn period with all you have. After all, baby doesn’t do much but eat, sleep, and need to be changed at the moment, even if they look adorable through all three! 

But thankfully, you don’t have to wait for your baby to be a couple years old before you can do anything together! You can make cute memories from the day they’re born, with a little bit of thought and some baby-friendly ways to have fun. So let’s go through some ideas below, especially with Mother’s Day on the way!

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Pose for a Photo Shoot

A baby photo shoot is one of the cutest things you can do with your newborn. You get set up in a professional studio, bring along a load of fun props, and then pose in both sweet and funny ways for your family album. When your little one has grown up, you can show them the photos and let them see just how much you’ve loved them since day one. 

Sign a Card From the Baby

This is for birthdays and anniversaries, and of course those mothers day cards you’ve been hoping to receive ever since the day you learned you were first pregnant. But even though your newborn won’t be writing for a few years yet, you can still get them to sign a card. Pop their fingers gently in some paint and press them inside the card, and then seal it and wait for the big day as normal. Whether it’s you or your partner or a grandparent, your baby can send their love! 

Do Some Baby Friendly Crafts

Babies tend to be tactile learners, and love to experience new touch sensations like dough and paints. That’s why crafting is a good thing to do together at this age. Try out new toys and textures, be there to show your baby just how much fun interacting with the world is, and talk them through it all. They can’t understand what you’re saying, but they definitely hear you, and babies are known to absolutely love that! You’ll certainly form some special memories whilst doing so.

Order in a Big Dinner

It’s hard to take new babies out to a posh restaurant, so why not bring the restaurant to you? Every now and then order in a big dinner you can all enjoy, and don’t be afraid to treat yourself! Your baby can sit with you and enjoy the time you’re all spending together, and you get to dig into well made pasta and pizza, or the best plate of Chinese takeaway you’ve ever had in your life. When your baby is older you can go out, but at home is all you need for now.

Making cute family memories doesn’t have to wait. Start as you mean to go on as soon as you bring your newborn home.

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