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Dealing With The Health Risks That Come With A Child Learning Music

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Teaching a child to play a musical instrument and encouraging them to play in a band can be a great way to help with their development. Music has long been used as a stool by educators to help with skills like counting and maths, though many parents ignore the potential health issues that could come with this activity for their little one. Let’s take a look at the health risks that can come with playing music, giving you the chance to overcome them before your little one starts to play. Of course, these risks aren’t big enough to stop their learning, but it’s always worth making activities like this as safe as possible.

Dangerous Instruments

Most of the world’s musical instruments are safe, but this isn’t to say that they have been made with safety in mind. An electric guitar, for example, has rough strings that could hurt a child’s soft fingers, along with being powered by mains electricity. A nylon-stringed acoustic or classical guitar doesn’t have these risks, making them a better choice for a child trying to learn how to play them. It’s always worth thinking about risks like this when you give your child something to play with.


While they will probably do most of their playing on their own, your child will need to have some sort of ear protection if they ever play in a band. Instruments like drums can be extremely loud when they are played in confined spaces, making it crucial that your kid has the chance to protect their ears. Custom earplugs offer an easy way to handle this, giving you the chance to give your child protective equipment without making it feel uncool.

Heavy Weights

Some instruments are small and light, but others can be much heavier. Carrying a large instrument like a double bass home each week could hurt your child on a long-term basis, and this is just one example of an instrument like this. It could be well worth looking for smaller instruments if your little one has to walk far to get home, or you could consider picking them up when they have to carry their instruments with them.


Finally, as the last area to consider, it’s time to think about theft. While this isn’t a health risk in itself, your child could get hurt if someone decides to take their instrument from them, and these items can be high enough value to make this worth it for a criminal. You should be mindful of the areas your child goes to with their instrument, giving them lifts or traveling with them if they have to go somewhere that concerns you.

Enjoying music should always be something that your child can do without putting their health at risk. This sort of skill can be very worthwhile, but you need to make sure that your kid has the chance to learn about it properly and safely to make the most of it.

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