Decorating Your Childs Room This Christmas

Decorating Your Child’s Room This Christmas

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Christmas is such a special time for children and decorating the house is one of the highlights of the season for me. Last year we tried to get Erin a bit more involved and she helped to put a couple of decorations on the tree and wowed in amazement at how shiny and pretty they all were. One room that might be overlooked when decorating for Christmas is your child’s bedroom. Here are some tips and ideas for decorating your child’s room this Christmas.

Window Stickers

One very easy and cheap way to add a bit more to your child’s bedroom this Christmas would be with window stickers. I’m not really a big fan of fake snow so stickers would be a quick and cost effective way of decorating a bedroom window. As these stickers are reusable they’re great value for money and can be used year after year. Snowflakes or a Christmas scene would be a lovely thing to see every morning!

Wall Decals

Last year we had quite a large wall decal in our dining room and it made such a difference to the room. A child’s bedroom with a lot of bare wall space can easily be filled and made to look festive with reusable wall decals. Much like with window stickers, they can be used more than once and then put away for another year after Christmas. Designs could be anything from snowflakes to Christmas trees or even Santa and the reindeer!

Festive Feature Wall

A Mini Christmas Tree

It wouldn’t be safe to let a child have a big, or even medium sized, Christmas tree in their bedroom especially if it was fully decorated with baubles, tinsel and lights. However, if your child’s bedroom has a bedside table, shelf unit or small table then these would be the perfect places for a mini Christmas tree instead.

The End of The Bed

Something very special that a lot of families do at Christmas is hang a stocking at the end of a child’s bed. Waking up on Christmas morning with a small stocking to open can be such an exciting thing, especially in those early years and it can really help to create long lasting, wonderful memories as a family. If your child’s bed doesn’t have somewhere to hang a stocking then be sure to consider children’s bed shop in time for the big day and treat your little one to an exciting new bed this Christmas!

Do you decorate your child’s bedroom for Christmas? I’d love to hear of anything you do or any ideas you might have. Let me know in the comments!


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