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Detest Family Gifting Dilemmas? Here’s Some Gift Ideas That Can Help

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Most people are used to gifting a friend or family member, but not so much when it comes to gifting a family as a whole. This kind of gift can be a curse for the giver who is single but gifting an entire family. Picking a gift that can please everyone can be a head-scratcher, especially when everyone has got their tastes and likings in a family with members that vary in age. On the brighter side, accommodating family gifts are out there, but only if you’re looking in the right places. Keep reading to find some gifts that you should be looking for when shopping.

1. Kokeshi dolls

You can get a Japanese wooden doll, also known as the Kokeshi doll, that consists of as many dolls as the family members in your giftee’s family. The recipients will feel touched by the gesture. It not only looks cute but also signifies all members of the family.

2. Illustrated family print

You can visit an illustrator and printmaker with a family photo of the giftee so that the illustrator understands the skin tones, hair colours and pets in the family. You can provide them with your choice of text and request to see the proof before the final print. Get it framed and amuse the family!

3. Family map

If you’re close to the giftee family, then put in some effort and stealthily find out about every member’s birthdate. You can gain inspiration from the “Black Family Tree” in Harry Potter. Choose the appropriate font and text colours to add to the seriousness of the family map. Each member of the family can spot himself on the family map.

4. Photo album

Again, this might require a little hard work from your side. Being a photographer can be an advantage at your end as you can carry your camera wherever you think there’s a scope of photography. When the time arrives to present a gift, you can make an album out of your favourite images of the family. This might be a pleasant surprise for them and can bring a smile to their faces.

5. Gift hampers for children and adults

You can give kids hampers and adult hampers separately. Adult hampers can consist of chocolate liquorice, hash brownies and wine. The children won’t feel disheartened because, apparently, they have received similar gifts and goodies. 

6. Family name sign

A metal or wooden family name sign is a one of a kind gift that’ll last almost a lifetime. If it’s a new house, the requirement is more pronounced. It is also a good reminder of the giver if you’ve not met each other for a long time.

7. Cake!

If you love food, are pursuing baking classes and getting better at it, you should give the family a freshly baked cake. They’d appreciate the effort you made to present them something you cooked and not simply bought from the market. Gift the cake with a bottle of wine if it’s Christmas.

8. Barbecue grill and accessories

Barbecuing can never go out of trend. Gift a barbecuing grill with all the necessary equipment, and the family will love it. Choose ones with adjustable grill heights, double-sided cooking and stainless steel surfaces. No one will ever have any complaints about it, and you’ll be a permanent invitee!

9. Tumblers with family surnames

Gift a set of tumblers to the family, reminding them to always stay hydrated, no matter if you’re hitting the gym daily or going to work. The surname on the bottles removes the chances of losing them.


With proper family gifting, everyone can feel equally adored and special! 

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