Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure Dippy's Halloween Days

Dippy’s Halloween Days At Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure

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Living in Norfolk we are quite lucky that there are so many great places to go as a family. If ever we ask Erin where she would like to go for a day her answer is usually Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure. We usually try to go in the summer when the weather is warmer but this time we braved October half term.

As a non-driving family I always need to know how we are going to get to and from somewhere. Last summer there was a free Dino Bus running which sadly isn’t on at the minute but a local taxi firm teamed up with Roarr! to offer each way journeys from Norwich city centre for £15 (so £30 return). This is obviously quite a chunk of money on top of ticket prices however, it is cheaper than getting a regular taxi.

In order to visit Roarr! you need to book your tickets online and choose an entrance time. These slots ensure that there aren’t too many people queuing at any one time and that they can space out anyone visiting for the day. We had a slot from 9:45 to 10:15 which was the first of the day. We chose this one as it meant we would get the most out of the day as we had planned not to stay until closing time.

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure Dippy's Halloween Days

Between COVID and it being October half term, some of the areas at Roarr! were closed, such as the splash zone, deer safari and Dippy-Ville. However, this doesn’t mean that there wasn’t plenty for us to do and see. Also, soft play has reopened and you can book a slot for this on arrival, costing £1.50 per child. We had a slot for 10-11 so right at the start of our day but this was okay for us as it meant we could then concentrate on the rest of the outdoor areas.

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure Dippy's Halloween Days

Although we were excited to see what was new for Dippy’s Halloween Days Erin wanted to go and do some of her favourite things first. She always loves digging for fossils in X-Tinction, playing in the Pterodactyl’s Treehouse and her newest favourite, speeding around on Dippy’s Raceway.

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure Dippy's Halloween Days

One of the new additions for Halloween was Spoooooky Stories with Vincent the Vampire. This was only on at certain times of the day but we made sure we made a note of this so that we didn’t miss it. Vincent was fantastic and the kids really got into what was going on and joined in when they needed to. There was even time for pictures with Vincent and the mischievous zombie afterwards too.

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure Dippy's Halloween Days 6

Something Erin hasn’t been too bothered about doing before now is the Dinosaur Trail. This time though she couldn’t wait to go and find the huge dinosaurs (especially as it was on the way to getting lunch). At the time, we didn’t know that there was anything special to look at but we were soon to be surprised!

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure Dippy's Halloween Days

Along the Dinosaur Trail we found witches, ghouls, ghosts and the biggest spider I have ever seen! We had great fun looking at the details and seeing how many different things we could find. Of course, we also looked at the dinosaurs along the way and tried to pronounce their names!

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure Dippy's Halloween Days 8

Usually when we visit Roarr! we take a picnic but this time we decided to get some food while we were there for the first time. At the minute you can get food in the soft play area (only during your time slot), Jurassic Snacks (from 10am) and Nautilus (from 11am). Nautilus serves things like fish and chips and can be found at the the bottom fo the Dinosaur Trail so it made sense for us to eat here.

It might have been because of the bad weather but we had a 15-20 minute wait just to get served and then about another 15 minute wait for our food which was really quite long. Between this and then the time it took us to eat we spent a good amount of time here and honestly, I would have proffered to spend it doing other things. However, for £12 we got 2 large chips, 2 small battered sausages and 1 small chips. The portion sizes were great and we definitely didn’t need the large chips.

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure Dippy's Halloween Days 7

We sadly weren’t able to take part in the Halloween crafts or do The Curse of the Werewolf. The rain was pretty heavy from about 1pm and the queue for the werewolf bit was really long. We decided to head home at around 3pm so this did cut our day short. With the park being open until 5pm I think we definitely could have spent all day there.

When I asked Erin what her favourite thing was during half term she said the dinosaur park and she’s already asking when we can go back.

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Dippy's Halloween Days At Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure

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  1. Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure looks so fun! My niece would love to visit this place and she will love that Dinosaur Trail for sure as she is an adventure freak! Glad you had a lovely family time 😊

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