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A Roarsome Day Out At Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure

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Last year we got to go to Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure for the very first time in February half term and then again in the summer. It is one of those places we didn’t think about going to before due to the location being more suited to drivers. However, last summer they put on the Dino Bus, a free bus during the summer going to and from the park a few times over the course of the day and that made things so much easier for us. Sadly, the Dino Bus isn’t running this year but Roarr! have partnered with a local Norwich taxi firm meaning a return journey from the city center would cost £30. Although an added cost, it meant that we could get there easily and cheaper than it would cost in any other taxi.

Due to COVID-19 you have to book your tickets in advance online as you cannot buy them at the entrance at the moment. You can choose a time slot for your entry, so to limit the number of people in the park at any time. Time slots are in 30 minutes so 10-1030, 1030-11 etc. We arrived about 15 minutes before our time slot, due to the train and taxi times but that wasn’t really an issue. Before you get to the gates there is a hand sanitiser station outside and there was quite a queue for this so for us it just used up a bit of time. We ended up being ready at about 10:25 and they let us in that few minutes early.

Dippy’s Splash Zone

Our visit started with a bit of a bump as Erin went flying as we went to pick up a map. With a cut up knee she was pretty upset but John was able to get some plasters from staff so we got her cleaned up quite quickly. After that, we headed straight to Dippy’s Splash Zone to book a slot. Places are limited for each time slot to ensure social distancing is possible so it’s a good idea to do this as soon as you get there. We were lucky to get a slot at 11:00 so not long after we’d arrived, and these slots last for 20 minutes. After a quick walk around it was time for Erin and John to get changed. You’re not allowed to film or take pictures of the splash zone though but it’s loads of fun, especially on a hot day.

Live shows

Something new for this year are live shows. These are held in what was the covered eating area near the main play area (just near Dippy’s Splash Zone). Shows range from a dance with Dippy, story time, animals on stage and there’s even meet and greets with Dippy too. We managed to catch a couple of the shows and Erin loved joining in. The meet and greet times were great too and very safe, as children stand in front of a little fence slightly away from Dippy!

Erin and Dippy

Dippy’s Raceway

Dippy’s Raceway is another of the new additions for 2020. Erin loves any kind of ride so I had high hopes for this one. The racetrack has 5 vehicles and parents can go on with children if they want to. There was a queue but the longest we waited was 10 minutes so it does move quite quickly. Speaking of the queue, this was honestly the only bad part about our day here. There really needs to be markings on the floor for where people should stand because there ended up being very little social distancing going on, especially when parents lets older children queue on their own.

Riding on Dippy's Raceway

However, moving past that Dippy’s Raceway was fantastic. The guy manning the ride all day was amazing and made sure everyone had used hand sanitiser before going on. He was also great with the children and helped anyone if they needed it if they weren’t riding with adults. Erin and I went on together the first time and immediately after, she cried saying she loved it so much she wanted to go on again. After the first time, Erin was able to go on a few more times over the course of the day but she did those on all her own! At age 4 I was worried about if she would be able to do it on her own but Erin was absolutely fine.

Dippy's Raceway

What else is there to do?

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure has so much to do that there might not be enough time in the day to do it all. There is a huge outdoor play area with swings, climbing equipment and slides, crazy golf, dinosaur trail, lost world adventure, high ropes and even a secret animal garden, just to name a few. Due to COVID-19 some of the activities are closed at the minute such as soft play and the deer safari. Even with some closures, there is still more than enough to do.

Dinosaur eating Erin's hand

Erin on a dinosaur

Food and drink

Again, not all of the usual places to eat are open at the minute such as the larger cafes or restaurants but there are still a few places to get food. We only ended up buying some drinks on our visit as we’d taken food from home but I made sure to have a look at the prices. This is something I always want to know when I visit somewhere so here are some of the things that was available:

Chips – £2.25

Pizza – Around £9 for a 6 slice pizza or around £2.25 (maybe £2.75) for 1 slice

Burger – £4.50 and children’s around £2 (doesn’t include chips etc.)

Drinks – Cans were £1.75 and apple juice for £1

I don’t think the prices are that bad compared to some other attractions. Had we stayed a little bit longer we probably would have bought more food and I would have been happy to pay these prices.

Erin climbing at Roarr Dinosaur Adventure


At £16.50 a ticket (children over 90cm and adults) Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure certainly isn’t the cheapest day out for us, especially when you factor in train fare and the cost of a taxi. However, I think as long as you’re able to get one of the earlier arrival slots and stay for the majority of the day it makes it really good value.


A Roarsome Day Out At Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure

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  1. This looks like a great day out! I have to say the pictures of Erin on this post are awesome! The one where she is levitating on the winners podium and the dragon wing ones in particular prove what a great time she was having x

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