Discount Shopping With Food Circle Supermarket Featured Image

Discount Shopping With Food Circle Supermarket

Being a non-driving family means that we have to rely on other ways to get around. John works roughly 12 miles away from home and while that might not seem very far for someone with a car, it’s very far for someone who doesn’t. John is lucky that he can get a lift to and from work with a friend a lot of the time but this isn’t every day and it’s not guaranteed. We have access to a train that goes from the town we live in to where John works but at £5 a day, this soon adds up and could end up costing a fortune if done too much. So, John cycles to work a lot of the time. Cycling 24+ miles a day, sometimes 5 or 6 days a week takes up a lot of energy so we’ve been looking for ways to give John a boost and we recently came across Food Circle Supermarket.

Food Circle Supermarket sent us a wonderful package to show us exactly the kinds of items they sell and how much discount they give compared to a regular supermarket.

Food Circle Supermarket

The co-founders of Food Circle Supermarket, Paul and James, wanted to do something to help reduce food waste. Food Circle Supermarket offers surplus food and drink, that is still in date and perfectly safe to eat, at largely discounted prices to stop them being wasted. So what does this have to do with John and how much cycling he does? Well, Food Circle Supermarket offer quite a large range of high protein items that cost a lot less than they would in a regular supermarket. I’m sure you’ve seen things like Nakd or Trek bars in the supermarkets and the price of them is quite shocking. John and I try to save money where we can and these kinds of items would be a bit of a luxury.

If you were to buy the bundle pictured above in a supermarket you would be looking at spending over £40 but with Food Circle Supermarket it costs just over £20 so around half of the price. For a family like us, that saving is absolutely huge and it means that John is able to have a lot more treats and food that will help him have a bit more energy.

Nakd Coconut Bliss Nibbles

Some items are available to buy as a single product but you save even more money if you buy in bulk. Nakd Coconut Bliss Nibbles can be bought as a case of 18 for only £6 or a case of 18 Nakd Bar Banana Crunch bars cost only £5.40 instead of £13.50. These are both less than half price, saving you a lot of money.

Nakd Bar Banana Crunch

Food Circle Supermarket doesn’t only sell food though as there are some drinks available as well and we were sent some Sunsoul Natural Energy Drinks and Pukka teas. John is a really big tea drinker so he wanted to try these as soon as they arrived.

Sunsoul Natural Energy Drink

Pukka Teas

We have really been impressed with the products from Food Circle Supermarket and being completely honest, I was expecting a lot of them to have really short dates. This really wasn’t the case though as many of the products are dated in 2019 so they will definitely have been eaten before that comes around! Food Circle Supermarket might not have the biggest range of flavours but the prices make buying what they do have so worthwhile and it means we can actually afford to get things like this more often!


Discount Shopping With Food Circle Supermarket Featured Image

Disclaimer: We received products for the purpose of this post. All opinions are our own.  

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  1. I haven’t heard of Food Circle Supermarket but I will be having a closer look at them….It sounds like there is some great bargains! My girls love the Nakd bars but they are usually too expensive in normal supermarkets x

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