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I don’t remember a lot from my childhood and I think that’s a real shame. I don’t remember my first trip to the beach, I don’t remember playing at the park and I don’t remember strawberry picking although I do know these things all happened at some point. So, because I don’t remember much at all I wanted to do something really special for Erin. As soon as she was born I started to put together a memory box for her, which has now turned into 2, because I want her to be able to see the things she loved as a baby, toddler or child. Sometimes though, a picture in a box or an item of clothing isn’t enough. Sometimes, I think there are going to be things that even I forget and in however many years time when Erin asks about things, I want to be able to share those special moments with her.

Erin's Memories

Unfortunately, our memory box isn’t able to tell Erin how we were feeling when something happened or when we did something amazing. Our memory box can’t send a message to remind of us of a great day out and it can’t send Erin a message to tell her that we love her. TimeSpring can do exactly this though!

TimeSpring App

TimeSpring allows you to set up a circle of contacts and create messages to send them at a later date. You can send these to just one contact or everyone in your circle and you can schedule these messages to go out whenever you like; it could be 10 days from now or 10 years from now. I already have loads of ideas about what I want to send Erin on her birthdays over the years. For children who don’t have an email address you can set up an account for them so they can still receive the messages.

TimeSpring Message

TimeSpring isn’t just about setting up and sending messages to your children though. My Mum lives nearly 150 miles away and it’s a 6 hour trip by train so she doesn’t get to see us and Erin as often as she would like. TimeSpring is a fantastic way to send messages to family members, either just because you want to or for special occasions. You no longer have to worry about forgetting to say Happy Birthday because you can record something or send a photo message in advance. I know that this is something I’ll be doing a lot because I’m terrible at remembering special dates and birthdays.

The app is completely free to download and it’s also free to send as many photo messages as you like. TimeSpring also allows you to send video messages on a price plan, which could be a really special way to share memories with loved ones in years to come.

You can download the app for iphones here and via google play here.

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