Discovering the new spring range at Hotter Shoes

Discovering the new spring range at Hotter Shoes

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Spring is *hopefully* around the corner and it will soon be time to swap our big boots for something lighter! I was recently invited to check out the brand-new spring range at Hotter Shoes in Norwich.

When did you last have your feet measured?

I actually can’t remember the last time I had my feet measured. Even when I worked in a shoe shop (some 20 years ago nearly) I didn’t even have it done then. I guess it must have been done last when I was a child and needed some school shoes.

Me on the 3D scanner

Hotter footprint technology

At Hotter Shoes, having your feet measured is a little bit different than what you might be used to. They use Hotter footprint technology, which means having your feet measured with a 3D foot scanning machine.

Once stood on the machine without your shoes on, you can input a few details such as your email address so that you can be emailed the results. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the scan but I was really quite amazed at how detailed the results are. Measuring height, width, length and arch type, the 3D scan shows a true image of your feet. It was so interesting to see where my feet were different sizes!

3d scan results at Hotter Shoes

What do the results mean?

After your results are in, the scan can show you what size you should be choosing, as well as various options for shoes or boots that would be a great fit for you. I ended up being a size 4.5-5 and needing an EEE (extra wide) fitting shoe, which was pretty close to what I was wearing already.

The great thing about having your feet measured like this is being able to see what shoes are well-suited to your feet. Some shoes might fit better in one size compared to another etc.

Hotter’s NEW spring range

A new season means a new range of shoes at Hotter and there are so many great styles to choose from. Here, you’ll find everything from sporty styles to sandals, casual day shoes, and walking boots. When looking for a new pair, it can be hard because there are so many nice styles to choose from.

Hotter Shoes spring display

Getting ready for warmer weather

Something a lot of people know about me is that during the warmer months, I LIVE in sandals. I hate my feet being totally covered up. A few years ago I discovered Hotter’s walking sandals and haven’t looked back since. Sadly, a few of my pairs are now quite worn out and need replacing.

As part of the spring range this year, the Travel II sandal comes in new colours. With navy multi, coral and sage and metallic multi, choosing was not easy! As I already have a pair of navy sandals, I chose the metallic multi. They are a lighter colour that will go with pretty much everything I own, as well as being nice and summery.

This particular sandal is posture-improving, with ‘four layers of comfort and Stability+ balance plate that helps to realign your foot, walk and posture.’ For someone like me who wears sandals all day, and walks quite a lot, they’re perfect!

Hotter shoes sandals range

Perfect for outdoor adventures

Since John learned to drive last year we have been doing a lot more walking and going on adventures outdoors. Unfortunately, the shoes I have aren’t really suitable for this. I’ve been looking for something a bit more sturdy and robust… but still me.

Hotter Shoes Ridge II GTX

After trying on a couple of different pairs, I found the Ridge II GTX walking boots. These boots are a bit shorter than a standard pair of walking boots and felt much more comfortable for me. The cushioned ankle sits just in the right place for me, making it so I have enough movement to walk and climb on a day out.

Something I worried about with walking boots is how hot my feet would get. These have breathable GORE-TEX technology, meaning your feet can stay fresh, dry and comfortable while you’re out and about. There’s something for everyone too as there are different colours to choose from and three different widths (standard, wide fit and extra wide fit).

Ready for the next adventure

Now that I have a new pair of sandals and walking boots, I feel ready for spring. If someone could tell the weather to sort itself out, that would be great!

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