Dogs eat the grossest things!

Jackson quickly got over the ‘I will play with anything’ phase and not much keeps his attention for too long now. He does love toys but anything soft he will rip apart in 5 minutes and he certainly doesn’t care if they cost £9 a pop. We tried buying him things like Nylabones but he’s given up on those now as well. He’s a pretty picky dog who one minute loves something and the next he hates it.

Our local, very small, pet shop is a fantastic stockist for dogs of all sizes and we generally get everything for Jackson from here now (apart from food because we can’t carry it). One day we wanted to get him something he hadn’t had before that would last a while but everything that looked good for him was disgusting.

Jackson absolutely loves chicken feet, pigs ears and trotters and as much as I hate bu5000239055388_Lying them, I know he enjoys them. Yes, I know I could just not get these super gross things but Jackson is a spoiled puppy and I love him.

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