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Easter Gifts For All The Family

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In more recent years, families have started to give gifts other than Easter eggs at this time of year. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some Easter gifts for all the family.

Free-from treats from NOMO

Easter is a time when chocolate eggs fill the shelves but there might not be many options for those with dietary requirements. Thankfully, NOMO has you covered with treats that are dairy, gluten, nut and egg free!

NOMO Easter Eggs

When it comes to Easter eggs, there are options for both adults and children. You might want an Easter egg with additional NOMO bars, or a crispy egg for a lolly for children.

NOMO choc fudge and cookie dough bunnies

Alternatives this Easter include the choc fudge and cookie dough bunnies! Why not make a hamper for someone looking for free-from treats this year.

Get creative with STABILO

STABILO pen and pencil sets with a Happy Easter card

Easter is a great time to get the family and do something together. Children are off school for a couple of weeks and are often looking for something to do. STABILO has a great range of colouring pencils and pens, ideal for keeping everyone occupied. Whether you’re colouring a picture, drawing a masterpiece or writing a very colourful story, there’s a product that will work!

Plant-based chocolate from Sweet Freedom

Over Easter we tend to have family over for either a meal or to play some games. This is the ideal time to make some delicious food. Sweet Freedom has a range of products that are perfect for adding to other foods and what’s even better is that they’re vegan-friendly.

Sweet Freedom choc pot and variety of choc shot bottles

Want chocolate on your pancakes? No problem; there’s the ‘Choc Pot’ of chocolate spread. Want sauce on your ice cream or waffle? No problem; there’s a range of ‘Choc Shots’ in various flavours which can also make hot chocolates. Want some flavour in your coffee? There’s also a range of barista style coffee syrups.

Sweet Freedom barista style syrups

Being vegan-friendly, we know that each product is suitable for everyone in our family and there’s a flavour to suit everyone too.

National Trust: Blossom Origami

National Trust Blossom Origami book

Published in collaboration with the National Trust and showcasing enticing paper-cut artwork from Clover Robin, this stunning gift book is ideal for origami fans of all ages!

Featuring clear step-by-step instructions for 13 plants and flowers, and fifty pull-out sheets of beautifully patterned origami paper, crafters can create their own distinct versions of each nature-inspired piece.

Includes three different difficulty levels to suit both beginners and experts, as well as a handy QR code linking to rewatchable how-to videos that cover all pieces and steps. 

Read the poems, enjoy the pictures . . . then make the stunning origami pieces!

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Scooters for children

JD bug classic street 120 scooter

The Easter holidays are the perfect time to get outdoors and go on an adventure as a family. Whether you’re going to the park, the woods or just around the corner, the JD bug classic street 120 scooter is a great option for children. It comes in various colours, has an extendable bar and it can be folded for easy carrying!

Badminton racket and net set

Badminton set in a bag from Badminton HQ

Now that the weather is slowly starting to get a bit nicer, we’re looking forward to spending more time in the garden. If you have some space, the badminton racket and net set from Badminton HQ would make a great gift this Easter. Containing all you need to get started, including 4 rackets, a net which pegs into the ground and shuttlecocks, you’ll be a master in no time! What a fun way to spend time outside as a family!

Tennis rackets for the whole family

A junior racket and a beginner racket from Tennis HQ

We’re lucky that we have a tennis court at the park a few minutes away from where we live. Up until now though, we haven’t been able to make use of it! Tennis HQ is the perfect place to shop for both a junior racket and a beginner racket, meaning that we can all play now.

A fun game of tennis is a great way to spend time in the Easter holidays, or during any free time you have. The range of tennis rackets from Tennis HQ allows players of all levels to join in!

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