Playmobil Easter eggs

Playmobil Easter Eggs Review

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This is the first year that Erin is really starting to show an interest in Easter. She has already sussed out where the Easter eggs are in the supermarket and she might have had a couple already! Instead of being all about the chocolate we want to make Easter fun for Erin and that means finding her some non-edible gifts. Playmobil kindly sent us their range of eggs!

Playmobil Easter eggs

The range consists of 4 different eggs and what is really great is that they are not aimed at specific genders. The eggs are aimed at children aged 4+ (due to small parts) and come in 4 different options:

Fortune teller


Zoo keeper

Space agent

Playmobil Easter eggs

The eggs are quite a decent size and once opened actually hold a lot more than I thought they would. Inside you’ll find a little booklet along with a bag full of play pieces to put your characters together. Some of the pieces are extremely small especially in the pirate themed egg so this is something to note before letting your children loose with these on their own.

Playmobil pirate Easter egg

The pieces included in the egg not only put together a character but there are also accessories to help make a scene for your child to play with. These eggs only cost £4.99 (bargain!) so I think I was expecting a little bit less in terms of what you got inside.

Playmobil pink Easter egg

Playmobil have included a lot of detail in each set. The pirate comes with a treasure chest along with gold coins while the fortune teller comes with various cards, a crystal ball and even a little black cat. Not only are the accessories well thought out but they work as well. The fortune teller can hold the cards, the zoo keeper can actually put the bottles into the seal’s mouths.

Playmobil fortune teller Easter egg

Although there are only 4 eggs to choose from I think the characters/ scenes inside are really nicely varied and suitable for everyone. The price also makes it so that you could probably get all 4 quite easily and collect them all. The size of the eggs mean that these would be great not only as Easter gifts but for if you’re travelling and need to take some new toys with you.

Playmobil fortune teller Easter egg

These eggs are our first experience of Playmobil and I am really impressed with them. I know that Erin is going to enjoy adding to her collection and I already have my eye on a few pieces that I know she would love.

At only £4.99 each, these make great gifts for Easter and are a nice alternative to chocolate! Find out more about the eggs on the Playmobil website.

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