Easter Gifts For The Whole Family

Easter Gifts For The Whole Family

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Now that Erin is 3 she is really starting to understand more about celebrations and holidays. We have already had a few conversations about Easter as nursery have been doing things like painting chicks and eggs recently. I think this year Erin is going to be really excited about Easter this year and being the kind of child she is, she’ll want to make sure John and I have something too. So, with that in mind I wanted to share some Easter gifts for the whole family!

Reese's Easter egg

Something I remember about both of our holidays in America was John stocking up on Reese’s. He loves peanut butter chocolate so this Reese’s Easter Egg is a great choice for him. It comes with a large milk chocolate egg as well as 3 Reese’s peanut butter creme eggs.

Haribo Easter products

I know it might sound a bit crazy but sometimes we can end up having too much chocolate over Easter or maybe you have children who can’t eat chocolate. It’s nice to have a fun alternative and Haribo provide exactly that. The Bunny ‘n’ Friends or Chick ‘n’ Mix gift boxes are fun options for children and as they have individual bags inside it makes it easy to make sure not too many are eaten at once.

Haribo Starmix

A Haribo classic is another great addition to your Easter gifts. Haribo Starmix is full of classics such as gummy bears, love hearts and eggs! This year, if you find a double yolker you could win a UK family holiday! I can’t wait to see if we’ve got one!

Cadbury Easter products

For me, Easter means those special purple packages and Cadbury have so much to offer this year. Cadbury Easter eggs are my personal favourite and I get quite excited as soon as I see them in the shops. Whether you want a full size Easter eggs, a sharing bag (either to share or for yourself) or a tube of Mini Eggs, there are plenty of choices for adults.

Cadbury Easter products

This year Erin has really gotten her first proper taste of a Cadbury’s Easter egg and it turns out she’s just as much of a fan as I am. The purple Cadbury bunny is iconic and this year you can get a hollow bunny, a bunny with popping candy and a lovely gift set with an Easter egg and a bunny soft toy.

Cadbury Easter products

As a family we’re so excited about Easter this year and can’t wait to take Erin on an Easter egg hunt with us. Cadbury have put together a pack just for Easter Egg hunts that includes approximately 10 eggs and a bag of Mini Eggs. Of course, we’ll be adding a few more for Erin as well.

Playmobil Easter eggs

We now try to make sure Erin gets some thing for Easter that aren’t chocolate. I’m sure she would be happy if all of her eggs were chocolate but I really love the idea of finding something a bit different to give as an Easter gift. This year we have discovered Playmobil Easter eggs and at less than £5 each they make lovely gifts. There are 4 different eggs and it’s nice to have something that can be used over and over again.

Peppa Pig Family Time puzzle

Something we think is very important over Easter is spending time together as a family. John gets a few extra days off work thanks to Good Friday and Easter Monday so we get more time together than normal. What better way to spend some time over the Easter weekend than doing a puzzle together. This Peppa Pig Family Time puzzle is great for children age 3+

What gifts will you be giving this Easter?


Easter Gifts For The Whole Family

11 thoughts on “Easter Gifts For The Whole Family”

  1. Oh my goodness….a Reeses Easter egg! I am sooooo jealous. We don’t have eggs like this here in Sweden, we have pretty cardboard ones filled with candy. I REALLY REALLY miss creme eggs!!!

  2. I hvae tried the Reeses cups yet, my friend keeps telling me how good they are. We always end up with leftover Easter eggs and then I can’t help nibbling on them.

  3. My kids got some of those Playmobil eggs last year from the grandparents, they were a big hit! A Lindt chocolate bunny is also always a must for us.

  4. I would so eat all of these to myself haha. I love the idea of giving a puzzle to encourage family time, such a lovely idea xx

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