Easy Ways to Make Your Backyard More Fun for Kids

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Are you staying cooped up at home this year? While you might like the break from work and traffic, your kids are probably getting more bored by the second. So how can you keep them busy and active in your backyard? Here are some ideas that will make your outdoor space fun and kid-friendly. 

Add a sandbox to your space

No matter how young your kids are, they will love some sand play. Even toddlers as young as 1yo will enjoy digging their toes in the sand, squishing it with their little hands and digging holes for their toys. Older kids will love building sandcastles, scooping materials and engaging in all sorts of activities. Sand play is very important for the development of motor and muscle skills and hand-eye coordination, so make sure to include a sandbox into your fun and educational backyard. 

Create an outdoor canvas

If you’re raising little artists, then make sure to surprise them with a plus-size chalkboard where they can freely express themselves. You can either get a big chalkboard and hang it on your fence or grab a can of chalkboard paint and cover the section of your shed wall. Both solutions are practical and attractive and kids will love creating fresh drawings to beautify your backyard. 

Treat your kids to some splashy fun

Summers are perfect for playing outside and splashing around in cooling water. Since you can’t go hit the public pool, you can bring the swimming excitement to your backyard by investing in a kids swimming pool. Websites like borncute offer practical recommendations so you’ll definitely choose a model that’s perfect for your backyard and your kids. No matter how small your space is, you’ll be able to fit a cute pool that will bring so much fun to your yard. 

Create a fun obstacle course 

If you’re worried your kids are not getting enough exercise, you can grab a few old tires, some cones and string and create a fun course that will keep them busy and tired. You can even organise a family competition and see who can finish the course the fastest—you’re all guaranteed to sleep like babies after such an active day. 

Go background camping

If you had big outdoor plans this year, you can still live your camping adventure even without leaving your backyard. Grab your camping gear and set up a perfect camp for your kids. Find a level ground, erect your tents and even make a small fire pit for evening storytelling and marshmallow-roasting. If you set up a picnic table as well, you can spend the entire day and night outside (minus the bathroom breaks). This is a great solution for first-time campers since they can see how it feels to sleep in a tent yet they can seek shelter in the house in case they get scared. 

Try gardening

Kids love to be in charge of something—this gives them the feeling of responsibility and pride which should be nurtured. So, there’s no better way to make your kids into little landowners than to create a small edible garden. This is a great educational moment, but it’s also very fun to dig around the dirt, water the plants and pick the fruits of your labour. Each child can have their own small plot to take care of, but make sure to offer support and advice. Some easy plants to grow are strawberries, carrots, cherry tomatoes, beans and peas. And if they don’t like to eat any of these, they might be willing to make an exception for the products they grew by themselves—it’s a win-win situation. 

Your improved backyard will not only get kids off their screens and out of the house, but it will also motivate your entire family to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. 


Easy Ways to Make Your Backyard More Fun for Kids

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