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Electrical Safety Tips for Parents of Toddlers

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Electrical safety is important for every member of your family, and more so if you have toddlers. Toddlers are naturally curious, but they also do not understand the concept of safety. Ensuring electrical safety around the house therefore falls on the parents. While this might require that you constantly watch your toddlers, there is a lot you can do to ensure their safety when you are not looking.

Keep them Away from Cords

Because of their curiosity, you might find your toddlers chewing or pulling on electrical cords. This can be very dangerous, especially when the cords are plugged in. To eliminate the risk of electrocution, always switch off or unplug any appliances. You should also keep cords hidden or in high places and try to make your toddlers understand that cords are not toys.

Avoid Plug Socket Covers

A lot of parents are under the impression that investing in plug socket covers for every room in the house is a good way to ensure their toddlers are safe around electricals. However, it is a little-known fact that they are more dangerous than plug sockets themselves. Plug sockets have been designed in such a way that small fingers should not fit inside the holes and, if they do, the built-in safety mechanism means that the live holes are insulated and covered for protection.

Have the Electrical Installations Inspected

To ensure the continued safety of all electrical systems in your home, regular electrical system inspections are important. This is because these inspections help electricians identify electrical faults that can lead to shocks and burns, especially in naturally curious toddlers. 

Once the inspection is done, the electrician or engineer will issue an electrical certificate. The certificate will indicate whether the condition of the electrical installation and systems is satisfactory or not. If not, the electrical safety certificate will indicate why and what should be done to rectify any issues. 

If you live in a rented property, you should ask the landlord to get the inspection done. Landlords can have their properties inspected by qualified electricians and engineers from companies like Trade Facilities Services. Their registered electricians will do the inspection and issue an electrical certificate to show the condition of the electrical installation. Trade Facilities Services also has very competitive Electrical Safety Certificate pricing for different types of properties.

Have an RCD installed

An RCD (residual current device) cuts off the supply of power if there is a fault anywhere in the home. A residual current device is especially important for toddlers who might be tempted to stick things into the sockets or who may touch a frayed or broken cord. RCDs not only protect against electrical shocks but they also provide crucial protection against electrical fires.

In a home with curious, adventurous and mischievous toddlers, electrical safety is paramount. The good news is that making your home safe is simple, as all it takes is making some small changes to the way you handle electricity. Also, keeping an eye on toddlers can make a huge difference as it can deter them from doing things like attempting to insert things into a socket.

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