End of the swimming term

I am so sad. It is the end of the swimming term. I can’t believe that Erin has been swimming now since Easter.

Erin did not like swimming to begin with. In fact, she hated it. She spent the first couple of lessons absolutely screaming as loudly as she could or crying so much it made her sick. I absolutely hated taking her swimming to start with.

Luckily, she has slowly grown to like swimming now. Over the past couple of weeks Erin has really started to enjoy swimming. She will now laugh and giggle as I blow bubbles and also try to copy me. She will go under water for a couple of seconds without having a massive panic attack about it. A couple of weeks ago our swimming teacher took Erin for a swim herself, something I didn’t think would happen yet!

 It’s quite strange to see Erin get excited about going swimming. I thought it would be quite some time before she could even tolerate it in this way, let alone enjoy it.

I have been taking Erin swimming every now and again outside of swimming lessons as well, which I think has helped. I am lucky to work somewhere that has a pool that I can use for free. However, I have to go across a field with the pram to get there. It’s not fun but it does save us money! Going swimming on our own has enabled Erin to have a bit more fun, instead of following the lesson. She loves to jump in and out of the water. She remembers to hold on to the edges. She smiles a lot and giggles.

I am so relieved swimming has gotten better for Erin. I worried that she would always hate it. I can’t swim properly myself and am scared of deep water. I don’t want this for Erin, which is why we started lessons early.

We now have a summer of swimming on our own before lessons start in September.

*It is not easy to take photos of wriggling babies in swimwear!

9 thoughts on “End of the swimming term”

  1. I’ll be sad too when T’s swimming terms ends too, especially since she’s progressing really well. We plan to keep swimming, just so she can keep practicing 🙂

  2. Ah this is so lovely! My girl is 3 and we still haven’t got into swimming as she is always coming down with something. One day though…

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