Grandma’s Visit

Last week we had a visit from Erin’s Grandma.

I’m originally from Grimsby, where my mum still lives. She doesn’t drive so it takes her about 6 hours and a pretty expensive train ticket (there are never any cheap advance tickets) to get to us. It doesn’t matter though. On nearly every one of her weeks off from work she comes down to see us and to spend some time with Erin.

We had such a fun week and did some really exciting things with Erin.

Tuesday didn’t quite go to plan as Erin has been teething so we didn’t go to Baby Yoga like we normally would have. We went for a bit of a look around town and to a local cafe for lunch though.

On Wednesday we met John and took Erin to the zoo for the first time. She was still grumpy because of her teeth but she was very interested in the crocodiles!

Thursday we had a bit more of a chilled out day.

Friday we went into Norwich and met my sister who came up from London. Erin was so excited to see her Auntie Natalie. She’s her favourite teether at the moment! We went to a wonderful place called Harriet’s Tea Rooms for afternoon tea which was amazing (review later this month).

Mum went home on Saturday evening but we did manage to go to a local summer fair  in the morning. Unfortunately it chucked it down and we couldn’t stay long. We did manage to look at a few of the stall and I got to hold a real owl. I’m terrified of anything with a beak so it was a pretty big deal for me. I also picked up a couple of things for Erin’s bedroom from some craft stalls!


We’ve all loved having my mum to stay for the week. I love that Erin got to spend some quality time with her. She has really enjoyed getting used to the feel of her two new teeth by chomping on mum’s hands, tops, hair… anything she can reach really.

Mum and Erin

It’s really important for me that mum and Erin get this time together when she does come to stay. Living so far away means that mum doesn’t get to see Erin as much as she would like, and she’s her only granddaughter. Erin absolutely adores her grandma and seeing the smiles she gave her was amazing.

We already can’t wait for the next visit.

13 thoughts on “Grandma’s Visit”

  1. Having quality time spent with your mum is definitely important. We try to do that too, when my in-laws visit or when we visit them. Same as when we visit my family too. It’s difficult living far from family, isn’t it?

  2. Aww! How lovely. It sounds like a wonderful visit..
    Train travel is so expensive. I know for myself, my fella and 2 girls to visit my dad in Scunthorpe costs about £150 for a return ticket. I’m so glad my dad drives and comes to us…

  3. Awww sounds like a lovely week spent with grandma come rain or shine. We love far from my nephew so it was really lovely to have him over the weekend at the beach

  4. Isn’t teething the WORST? Poor teething babies. Sounds like you had a good week! My parents live away too so it’s always special when we get to spend time together x

  5. Oh my goodness you are from Grimsby! My partner is from there and we spend quite a lot of time up there as all his family are from there – well I never!

  6. Awww that’s lovely spending time with your family, I love family time. Teething is a horrible time for the little ones!

    Jordanne ||

  7. My two children don’t have any grandparents which is a great shame because they miss out on all of that wonderful grandma love. I didn’t have any grandparents either. Your little girl is very lucky to have such a wonderful grandma.

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