Erin’s First Toy: The Fox

It wasn’t long after I found out I was pregnant that I bought Erin’s first toy. I know you’re not really supposed to buy anything until you have your 12 week scan just to be safe but I couldn’t help myself. As my mum’s surname is Fox I have a bit of a thing about them. I decorated Erin’s nursery in a woodland theme so I could have foxes in there.

As you have probably guessed, Erin’s first toy was a fox!


I bought this particular fox in my favourite shop in Cromer, Upstairs, Downstairs. I actually can’t go in this shop without buying something now.

Erin actually isn’t really into soft toys and never has been yet. However, she’s showing a bit more interest day by day now. This does mean though that she hasn’t shown a whole lot of interest in her first toy. We had the fox at the bottom of her cot for the longest time. Erin was in her moses basket until she was about 7 months old (she was very small) so we only took the fox out when she started sleeping in the cot.

I keep trying to get Erin to play with the fox. When I’m getting ready in the morning or drying my hair, Erin sits on my bed. I always put some toys on there for her and one of them is always the fox! She does seem to like how soft he is and pokes his eyes a little bit now. Isn’t she nice?!

What was your child or children’s first toys?

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