Exciting News From Johnson’s

Sometimes I get an email in my inbox that really makes me happy. Just recently, an email titled ‘Exciting News From Johnson’s’ came in. Johnson’s got in touch to tell me about an update regarding their Alliance Partnership with the Royal College of Midwives.

Certain JOHNSON’S® products now have a ‘Supported by RCM’ logo on pack. The RCM believes that the research and science behind the JOHNSON’S® products which have the RCM logo is strong and evidence-based, although the RCM does not endorse any specific products or brands.

As a parent, it’s really hard to chose which products to use. This doesn’t only count for when your children are newborns but all the time. Erin has quite sensitive skin and can sometimes have breakouts of eczema. We have to be really careful which products we use to help prevent this from happening.

Exciting News From Johnson's

The really exciting news is that Johnson’s Top-to-Toe Baby Bath and Extra Sensitive Baby Wipes now carry the RCM logo after being tested in independent clinical trials carried out by midwives. These two products were shown to be just as safe as using water alone on newborn skin. Isn’t that a relief to know!?

Exciting News From Johnson's

We’ve slowly been introducing regular products again into Erin’s routines instead of using products prescribed by doctors. So far, Erin has had no reactions whatsoever from us using the Johnson’s Top-to-Toe Baby Bath and Extra Sensitive Baby Wipes. Erin may be nearly 18 months old now but I still treat her skin in the same way that I did when she was first born. I obviously don’t want to use anything on her that will irritate her sensitive skin. It’s nice to have another couple of products we can use again!

Have you used Johnson’s products on your children? 

Disclaimer: We received products for the purpose of this post. All opinions are our own.


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