Brighten up your desk this summer with FROOT by Mustard

Although I don’t work in a proper office, I do have my own office area at home. I have a big white desk and it’s very plain and boring. With the weather being so incredibly nice lately, I wanted my desk to reflect my mood. The people at Mustard really helped me out with this by sending products from their FROOT range.

When the sun is shining and it’s warm, or boiling hot as the last week or so has been, what better than to have office products just as bright!

I love notebooks, as recently explained in my Blog Must Haves post. The FROOT notebooks come in a pack of three and are a bargain at £5.95. The watermelon, pineapple and kiwi designs all have fantastic colours and they make me really happy! Each notebook has 40 pages and the paper inside in plain. I like having plain notebooks sometimes because I tend to doodle when I’m thinking and these give me space to do that.

What is even better about having notebooks with plain pages is being able to make the insides really colourful if you want to. The FROOT range has a set of scented colouring pencils and they smell amazing! The watermelon scent on the pencils isn’t too strong and it isn’t overpowering. They just smell lovely and fruity. The pencils come in their own watermelon case, which is quite compact. Although these generally stay on my desk, I like that they wouldn’t take up much space if I wanted to take them out with me for the day. They’d also be nicely protected too!


As well having really great stationery products in the FROOT range, there are great items to help with lunch as well!

I might work from home for lunch but the pineapple and watermelon sandwich bags will really come in so handy. Each bag has a velcro closing and are foil lined to help keep your food fresh. If you took sandwiches to work during the heatwave we just had, they could have ended up a soggy, horrible mess! These sandwich bags look amazing and are really practical at the same time. The only thing that would maybe make them better is a handle as they’re a bit tricky to carry around once they have food in them.

Along with the sandwich bags we have fruit infusing drinking bottles to match. I am terrible for not drinking enough during the day and I hate drinking plain water. These fruit infusing bottles are perfect for summer but can also be used the whole year round. They certainly beat buying bottled water while you’re out and about and they fab for using at home too.

As you can see from the picture below, the corner of my desk is actually really quite dark. We don’t have a light in this part of the room and I don’t have a lamp yet. There’s no filters here!! The FROOT range really help to brighten up my work space in many ways. If only there was a pineapple lamp…

If you like the look of any of the products mentioned in this post you can find the links below.

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  • FROOT Watermelon infusing bottle:
  • FROOT Watermelon Sandwich bag:

What I love the most about this range is that it isn’t just for desks and offices. Erin and I have taken the sandwich bags and infusing bottles out with us on days out and we have also used them at home. 

Which product would you like the most?

Disclaimer: We received products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.

14 thoughts on “Brighten up your desk this summer with FROOT by Mustard”

  1. I love notebooks and pens! I have a whole collection of them at my own desk at home. Actually, I need to reorganize because I have so many that they’re starting to cause clutter:)

  2. That range look really great. I haven’t heard of them before but they would definitely brighten up any desk. I must admit I’d love the drinks bottle!

  3. Great selection of products, perfect for summer! I think I need some notebooks but they’ll get stolen by the kids!

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