Exploring More Of Our Local Area In 2019

Exploring More Of Our Local Area In 2019

Growing up we didn’t go on loads of days out and there wasn’t any short breaks away to nearby cities. As soon as I was able to, I wanted to go anywhere else I could to see what other places were like. Now, I am lucky to live in a place as beautiful as Norfolk but after living here for 6 years I haven’t even begun to know what wonderful places there are close by. I know that this is largely due to not being able to drive as a lot of places just aren’t accessible by public transport.

This year I want to explore our local area more. Norfolk has so much to offer but so does neighbouring county Suffolk.


Our first planned trip this year is for a 2 night getaway to Ispwich, which is in Suffolk. Honestly, I had no idea what was in Ipswich before booking the trip but we have an experience voucher from Buy A Gift for a stay at a Novotel hotel and this was the closest option to us. We generally have to think about trains when we go anywhere and how expensive that might be. Luckily, an off-peak open return for both me and John is only around £23 with our railcard. This trip is booked for the 2nd week of the Easter holidays and I actually don’t know what we’re going to be doing there yet but there’s still time to plan that.

John and Erin on train
Train journey fun

Kelling Heath

Our next break is a 4 night break to Kelling Heath, which is in North Norfolk. Kelling Heath is a holiday park which has caravans, camping and woodland lodges (which is what we’re staying in) and it’s set in over 300 acres of woodland! Sometimes I want to get away but instead of discovering a new city or town, I actually want to relax and shut off a little bit. Kelling Heath is also on the North Norfolk Railway line so during our stay we’re looking forward to taking Erin on a steam train. Hopefully we can explore places like Sheringham, Holt and Weybourne, as well as walks in the woods!

Haven Seashore

Our third break planned for 2019 is a 4 night break to Haven Seashore in Great Yarmouth. My Mum has very kindly paid for this holiday as my Christmas present but she will also be joining us. I think Erin is more excited about getting to share a room with her Grandma again rather than the actual holiday.

I have only been to Great Yarmouth once before  so I think we would like to take Erin to explore a little bit. We also wanted to try a different Haven park than the one we stayed in last year which is why we chose this one and we also took advantage of their half price sale when it was on. This particular park is having a lot of work done before our stay and it includes better swimming options for toddlers and children, cakery and a new restaurant.

Haven Caister-on-Sea Rory's Sing Along
Last year’s trip to Haven

Day Trips

Along with the 3 trips we already have planned I also want to make some more day trips this year. Cromer is only 15 minutes away by train and last year we didn’t go to the beach once. What a waste of living so close to the coast! Not only am I trying to explore our local area more this year but I’ll also be trying to find things to do on a budget. We definitely don’t have loads of money to spend. At least the beach is free and we can take a picnic!

I’d love to know what you love about your local are, or, if you’re from Norfolk, anywhere you love here! 


Exploring More Of Our Local Area In 2019

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