feeding the birds

Feeding The Birds And Welcoming Nature

Erin loves being out in the garden. I was never really very outdoorsy as a child, I think because we never had a real garden. We had a concrete area at the back of the house but no plants at all. Maybe this is why bees and wasps scare me so much. I love how much Erin enjoys being outside and I want it to stay that way. Boxwild have recently helped us out with a fantastic way of feeding the birds that may come into our garden.

Feeding the Birds

We have started out with the Bird Feeder Gift Box which costs £28. Boxwild sell stand alone boxes and they also have a subscription service for the seeds. The great thing about Boxwild is that although you can buy for yourself, you can also order as gifts and pick which date you would like it to be delivered to the recipient.

The Bird Feeder Gift Box was perfect for us because it really is a great starter box.This one includes:

Boxwild Blend, Songbird Blend and All Season’s Blend (seeds)

Bird Feeder

Fruit Feeder

Seed Scoop

We bought a bird feeding station from a local shop to make sure we were set up completely otherwise I’d have been hanging the feeders off of my fence!

One of the things I love about the Boxwild seeds is that they tell you when to use them and which birds you can attract. I have no knowledge of birds at all and obviously neither does Erin. All she knows is what one is and that she can kind of say it!

After only one day we had visitors to the feeding station. I saw one blackbird around the bottom of the station after knocking some seed out! There have also been beak marks in the apple I’ve put in the fruit feeder! Unfortunately, Erin hasn’t been around to see the birds yet!

Now that I know we have the feeding station in a good position, as it’s already had some visitors, I’m going to get Erin more involved. She can definitely help me fill the bird feeder with seed using the scoop and I know she’ll love filling the water bowl.

I think it’s really important to welcome nature into our gardens, even if we don’t always like the creatures we attract!

Disclaimer: We received these products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.




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